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Aweber: The 7 Best Alternatives to this Email Marketing Platform

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When we think of marketing in this day and age, there are a number of things that instantly spring to mind. The first word that comes to mind would have to that all pervasive term – digital! Yes, we are living and thriving in a digital age where we interact, socialize, buy and even sell on a number of digital platforms. This brings us to the next thing we think about – social media platforms, email marketing, landing pages and so much more. Well, where does one start and what does one do about it all?

Before we discuss an Aweber alternative, let us understand what email can do for your business. If we were to ask you to compare and choose between putting out a post on social media and waiting for people to notice and for some of those people to be your target audience; or building a specific database of prospects who would see your message in their inbox on a regular basis – which one would you choose? The answer would definitely be email! While social media is extremely important, it is also necessary to have an email presence to take forward what you do on social media. This would be the next call for action, for those people who are interested in the solutions that you have to offer.

The email marketing effort that you out in can easily tip the scales in your favor and help you close a conversion with a further call for action as well as presence that the user has actually subscribed for. Hence, we can see how important email really is – it bridges the gap between reach and engagement and takes your prospect towards conversion as well as brand loyalty so that you can cross sell and upset as well. This is the reason there has been an increase in the number of email marketing platforms and softwares the world over, with Aweber as one of them. Yet, in the constantly evolving world of email marketing there is now a need for an alternative to Aweber as well.

Before we cast a glance on the alternatives to Aweber, we must take a look at how far Aweber has come to make a name for itself in the world of marketing automation and email marketing. That would also show us what Aweber basically offers. Starting from templates to running multiple campaigns for your various email databases, there are a number of things that Aweber is doing right. Yet, it also needs to offer more support and more affordable pricing to its audiences and the businesses that need services like that. Therefore, there are a number of alternatives to Aweber. Let us have a look at them one by one.

  1. EngageBay: This is a marketing automation and CRM platform that helps businesses in a big way. This Aweber alternative offers a lot more than Aweber does. It does not merely offer email marketing, but it also offers a number of marketing automation features that can truly enhance your digital presence and your marketing efforts. The email marketing side comes together seamlessly with CRM and other presence building measures that are powered on automation, like social media, landing pages and so much more. The best part of this platform is the fact that it offers a number of plans that are affordable by small and medium sized businesses as well as big enterprises. This helps you upgrade as you grow. This would definitely be one of the most wholesome platforms if you are looking at alternatives to Aweber along with solutions that are all in one place.
  1. ConvertKit: This is also a good alternative to Aweber if you are looking for a solution for your email marketing woes. While the pricing is slightly on the higher side, it does offer plenty of support and a few other packages that can help small and medium businesses as well. You can use their templates to create well designed campaigns that reach the inboxes of your clients. But this is for people who only want email marketing and have a sizable budget just for this function. Covert Kit can help you reach your customers via email with many templates that are eye catching as well.
  1. Get Response: This platform is a good alternative to Aweber because it has a number of features including marketing automation, landing pages and even webinars. This is a slightly older and slightly more expensive platform. It is quite well evolved in case you have a good budget and are able to afford it.
  1. Drip: With Drip email marketing, you will get the advantage of tapping into many templates as well as an Ecommerce data management system. This will enable to maintain information and reach out to a number of customers with multiple campaigns as well. Drip is also a well known platform that has many customers globally.
  1. Constant Contact: Much like its name, Constant Contact helps you remain in touch with your customers via email. This will help you engage with your customers in a much better way since they have a number of features that make them a good enough alternative to Aweber. Yet, this also offers mainly email marketing rather than the complete suite of services.
  1. OmniSend: The good thing about Omni Send is that it focuses on delivering email marketing based solutions for the ECommerce clientele that a brand or business tries to bring in. Yet, to avail this service, you would have to have a ready database of customers.
  1. Campaigner: This platform helps you bring in better revenue avenues with email marketing automation for complete presence building.
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