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How To Choose a Right Coffee Vending Machine For Your Office

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Coffee Vending Machine

Well, its potential – by following these simple tips when looking for your coffee machine. I can help you select not only the best machine for your needs but also one you’ll be happy with for several years to come.

1. Which sort of Coffee would you like to drink?

The first step is to identify your favourite coffee – should not be too hard? Why? Because you want your new coffee machine to produce this sort of coffee well enough so that you will enjoy it every day. Try to find the coffee machine working – request a demo. The final result of earning a coffee is a rich golden crema – based on coffee recipes – you need to see this. It resembles loaded dripping honey since the coffee extracts from the group mind.

Coffee Vending Machine

2. Machine Pressure

You need sufficient pressure to extract the coffee from the beans you want to use. They help create the rich golden cream you so desperately want. Quality machines have 15 bars of pressure – do not even look at any machine with less than that as you won’t be pleased with the quality of the end product. But you must ask whether the machine can extract in a continuous 9 bars of pressure minimum. Your machine should be able to extract sufficient flavour for authentic espresso. It is a huge selling point with machines and will be simple to see in the list of advantages for each type.

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3. Do I want an Automatic or Manual Machine?

Some manual machines in the less expensive end are excellent. However, you’ll have more “work” to do when brewing. Possibly a semi automatic machine is the best way to go as you can control such components as “milk frothing” and the “coffee grind” while still have the engine controller extraction temperature and time. Price will have lots of influence on your choice since there’s a wide assortment of costs between Fully manual to automatic – work out how much you need to invest and check out what’s available in that price range and proceed from there.

4. Hot Water is crucial.

When creating several coffees, cheaper machines will give up – water has to be heated, and while using the steam wand and set head you deplete the water heater and need to re – may be painful (not literally) and bothersome. Double boilers are fantastic but may be costly or try to find a machine with “Thermo block” technology that reheats the water quickly and better.

5. The Best Grind.

You can purchase pre ground coffee beans that are vacuum sealed – OK but not great – atmosphere makes the coffee go rancid fairly quickly. The coffee grind is a significant step and only get a coffee machine with a built in the grinder if you know that you can control this part of your coffee making.

6. Cleaning and Maintenance

Coffee Vending Machines have to be cleaned and preserved. Some machines provide automatic cleaning and descaling that makes life easy. Consider purchasing coffee cleaning powder or your machinery proposed cleaner at the time of order to keep your machine in tip top condition.

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