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Choosing a Crib

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Selecting a crib may seem as simple as selecting a complimentary decor and color for your nursery. Although color and decor are important to your selection, other features such as safety, material, and conversion capabilities should be considered.

Ensuring safety for your baby

Borrowing or buying a pre-owned crib or using a family heirloom is risky business. A second-hand crib can be unsafe for your baby because older cribs may not meet Consumer Product Safety Standards (CPSC). In addition, a second-hand crib may have a weak structure, broken parts, missing parts, choking hazards or lead present in its paint.

backpack diaper bag reviewsA new crib, however, is required to meet or exceed existing CPSC standards, standards designed to protect your child from injury. In addition, cribs which have the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association’s (JPMA) seal of certification ensures that the product is CPSC certified and has undergone comprehensive testing. Evenflo cribs meet or exceed all existing CPSC standards and carry the JPMA testing certification.

Other safety factors you should consider when purchasing your crib are the fit of the mattress and the space between the slats on the crib. The mattress must fit snugly to ensure that your baby will not become wedged in any gaps between the mattress and the crib and also mom can use backpack diaper bag reviews. Likewise, there should be no more than a 2 3/8″ distance between the slats so that baby’s head and torso cannot slip between the slats.

Is a convertible crib the right choice for you and your child?

Some crib manufacturers offer cribs which may be converted to a toddler bed when your baby reaches an appropriate age, like the Evenflo Jenny Lind Convertible Crib. Most children will be ready to move out of their crib at 18-24 months of age and to begin sleeping in a toddler bed. A key sign that it is time to move your child out of the crib, is when he first exhibits the ability to climb out of the crib. Children have been seriously injured while attempting to climb in and out of cribs. Purchasing a convertible crib, instead of a crib and a separate bed, offers many benefits, which include:

Permits your child to continue sleeping in familiar surroundings, making the transition from crib to toddler bed smoother;

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Avoids incurring additional costs for new bedding, and

Retains the current decor of your nursery.

Select a crib that compliments the nursery decor

Today’s cribs come in many finishes and styles. Most retailers offer cribs in a variety of colors and materials ranging from wood, metal, and a combination of wood and metal. Moreover, there are a variety of styles to choose from, including traditional colonial styles, such as Evenflo’s Jenny Lind series. Your choice in cribs should complement the decor of your nursery and reflect your individual taste.

Do the features of the crib meet you and your child’s needs?

As the parent of a newborn, ensuring a quiet and comfortable sleeping environment is important for you and the baby. Selecting a crib that is easy to use and “noise- free” is often an important consideration for the parent. The Evenflo Jenny Lind offers a “noise-free” drop side that permits you to quietly drop the side railing, place the baby inside the crib, and easily re-raise the side railing with your hand while pressing the toe release with your foot. The Jenny Lind’s “touch and toe release system” ensures a sound sleep for you and your baby.

Another consideration when purchasing a crib is mattress heights. As your child matures, you will need to lower the mattress to prevent your baby from climbing out of its crib. As an added feature, you will want to select a crib that has a minimum of three different mattress heights. Evenflo’s Jenny Lind cribs offer four mattress heights.

Other considerations include the construction of the crib and mobility for cleaning and placement. A crib that is constructed of 100% hardwood with metal fixtures, such as Evenflo’s Jenny Lind cribs, have increased structural integrity. Evenflo Jenny Lind cribs also offer wheels for easy movement and cleaning. Remember though, never move the crib while your child is in it.

Determine your budget

Although many consumers base their selection of a crib solely upon price, you should first consider how the crib will be used, what features are important to you, and what color and style compliment your nursery. Price is an important consideration and staying within a budget is a worthy goal, but your child’s safety and comfort should be foremost in importance. By focusing upon additional considerations, you can select a crib that is right for you, safe for your child and still within your budget.

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