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Features and Questions to Consider In Hikvision Security Cameras

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There are some hottest security cameras you will get on the market but all of these may not perform at its best and meet all your needs such as few reputed and reliable brands like Hikvision security cameras. Therefore, you will need to consider the features and functionality of these cameras that are different in each.

The best way to proceed with your shopping is to as a few specific questions to yourself. When you get the answers to these you will know what you can expect from these.

  • Know the use of the security camera to start with. This is because the features and functions of indoor cameras will be different from the outdoor cameras. If you need outdoor cameras that it should essentially have weatherproof feature.
  • Next, you should know the difference between a security camera and a surveillance camera, though people use these both terms interchangeably. Surveillance cameras are passive. This means that it can view and record everything within the field of view. Security cameras are active which means it can view and record but also send alerts for any unexpected incidents.

Also know whether or not your internet bandwidth can support the camera. Ideally, if you go for such Hikvision security cameras it will consume a lot of etwork data to stream videos and to send alerts through text or email.

Power and connectivity

The power source and connectivity are two important features to look for in the security cameras. Usually, buy reliable products like Hikvision security cameras; you will not have any issues regarding these. Ideally, most of the DIY security cameras operate on Wi-Fi network in your home.

  • This means that you will need to install these cameras within the range of the router or wireless access point so that it can function properly.
  • This also means that there is a high chance of its function being interrupted when you need it the most due to interruption in Wi-Fi signal, spotty service or electrical outage.
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The Hikvision security cameras usually works on cellular network using a 3G or 4G modem and the data SIM card that you can purchase separately.

Most of the cameras today have a plug-in adapter that provides the power. This means that when you install the cameras you will need to make sure that there is a spate electrical outlet or use an extension cord. You will be better off when you buy one that can be operated by replaceable batteries, some of which are rechargeable.

Other features to look for

There are other features that you should look for while buying security cameras whether it is Hikvision security cameras or any other make include app control

App control so that you can keep an eye on your home even when you are outside. Just make sure that it is easy to use and have the following features:

  • Live view – This will allow you to access your camera and check it anytime.
  • Two-way talk – This will help in deterring the thieves.
  • Alerts – This adjustable feature of the app will enable you to know about any movements.
  • Shared access – This can be especially useful for doorbell cameras.
  • Geo-fencing – You can turn on the camera using your phone’s location with this feature.

Moreover check for the image quality. Special cameras like Hikvision security cameras will come with 1080p full HD resolution for a crisp image. You will have better features and functionality in cameras that come with HDR or High Dynamic Range. Lastly, make sure that the camera comes with night vision features with wide field of view.

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