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Here Are The Various Kinds Of Conveyor Roller You Need To Know About!

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The most important part of the conveyor system is the kind of conveyor roller that is being used. Different products and packaging requires different rollers. Various materials like metals, rubber and plastic can be used while producing various types of conveyor roller. The usage of materials typically depends upon their use and application in day to day operations. Not only considering their application is important, but it is also crucial to take into account what kind of environment the conveyor roller will be working in.

There are a few well established companies in Australia that manufactures conveyor rollers. Wainwright Group or Wainwright Engineering Services has engineered hundreds of conveyor rollers for any kind of business, for over 30 years. This company is a conveyor specialist. They are one of the leading manufacturers of conveyor roller and also guarantees best quality personalized service.

Different types of conveyor rollers that can be found

Conveyor rollers are basically a series of rollers that are supported in a frame. Objects are placed over such rollers and are made to move forward by power or by gravity. If you are in search of conveyor roller, then here are a few steel fabricators and manufacturers of various conveyors in Melbourne. Here are the different types of conveyor rollers:

  • Coated conveyor roller: These are special rollers that are covered with either rubber or plastic. They are typically used in printing, metal rolling and paper processing industries. For the best outcome, these rollers merges grind with a grip of high level through the coated material.
  • Gravity conveyor roller: This kind of conveyor rollers combines advanced structural features with off the shelf design guidelines. Due to this, they are perfect for handling boxes of odd shapes, low grade cartons and bags.
  • Motorized conveyor roller: This is another special kind of rollers. These types of conveyor rollers have control drums. It helps to regulate the flow and speed of the item under transportation. The product analysis and sorting can be efficiently automated throughout the process. Due to this feature, it is beneficial to use them in advanced automated lines of production.
  • Free spinning conveyor roller: These rollers are bearing-laden rollers, built with an integrated free turn capability. These rollers are beneficial in making conveyor belt support system. Moreover, they are also useful in areas needing low friction and flexible rotational output.
  • High-speed conveyor roller: Conveyor rollers aim at reducing the noise generated by the conveyor system. They also aim at lowering down the wear and tear of the entire method and extend the life of the conveyor system. This kind of rollers makes the use of crimped tube ends, conductive bushing and bearing caps. These parts prevent the materials from coming out of the tube. They also have grooves and sprockets for chain-driven and fixed shafts conveyors.
  • Gravity conveyor roller: This kind of rollers cost less than high-speed conveyor rollers. This roller needs lower speed and makes use of commercial grade bearing. It is great for using in places where noise is not a criterion. It is recommended to fit all types of conveyor system unlike many other conveyor rollers.
  • Impact conveyor roller: This type of rollers is used as carrying roller in place of normal steel rollers at loading point. There are rings of rubber placed side by side on steel rollers to absorb the impact of the item falling on the belt. The impact conveyor rollers also absorb the shock and vibration through the steel structure.
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These are a few types of conveyor rollers that you might need for your business purpose. Conveyor rollers have been quiet a stand-out, and turned out to be the most well known in warehouses today. They can handle materials of any shape and sized quite efficiently. So, if you want to make the jobs around the warehouse run more smoothly, you might want to get a conveyor roller today!


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