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How High Impact Polystyrene Can Be a Worthy Investment?

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Have you ever heard of High Impact Polystyrene or HIPS? You must have if you are associated with the industry of manufacturing. This material is actually a branch of thermoplastic; the plastic polymers that are available in both flexible and solid conditions. This kind of thermoplastic is being used across various industries.

This material comes with a high tensile strength that can be re-moulded multiple times. The material goes through different manufacturing processes and the plastic is completely recyclable and ideal for consumers seeking an environment-friendly solution. The material is quite flexible and can be shaped into any position as required by the consumers. Let us stress more on its usability and advantages.

The Application of High Impact Polystyrene

The material is used in a number of industrial and household applications. You can also encounter the material as marketing equipment across the cities. They are being used as marketing displays, kiosks and Point of Sale signage and many other purposes.

Another important application of HIPS can be seen in the children’s toy manufacturing industry, where brands manufacture thousands of attractive toys for children. You can also find the material in items like bathroom cabinets, custom-made enclosures, etc.

Key Advantages of Using HIPS

Consumers can gain a number of advantages from using this variant of thermoplastic. The material comes with excellent malleability that enables consumers to shape the item in accordance to their need. In addition, its high tensile strength makes the material suitable for a number of manufacturing industries producing a wide range of plastic items.

You can with the material multiple times. The availability of mouldable properties in High Impact Polystyrene makes it flexible and suitable for multiple uses. Though HIPS comes with similar properties to ABS, it is cheaper than many other forms of plastic. Have a look at some of its noteworthy qualities.

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Ideal for Food Packaging Industry

HIPS is used in the food packaging industry, as its beneficial properties suit the industry best. Sensing the benefits of this variant of thermoplastic, the fast food industry has also roped in to packing their food items in containers made of HIPS.

Easy and Safe Transportation

HIPS is quite light in weight and it can be transported anywhere without any hesitation or additional safety measures. If you are planning to purchase the material in mass quantity, then you will be happy to learn that you can pack and store it easily. The material can retain heat and provide superb insulation.

A Hygienic Material

High Impact Polystyrene has outstanding hygiene qualities and that is probably why the material is widely being used for food products. Paperboard based products are not environment-friendly and they are not safe to use for food products, HIPS can be an ideal alternative of paper board-based products. The material can retain shape and you can store food and beverage inside them.

A Versatile Material

HIPS is shatterproof, and it acts as an outstanding material for electrical insulation. Its various qualities make it an ideal item for packaging. You can paint it with different colors and print logo or any kind of texts on the items made of High Impact Polystyrene. Unlike products made of glass or any other sophisticated materials, you can handle HIPS with ease.


HIPS is a product of numerous benefits. Spanning from food processing to automobile, children’s toys to pharmaceutical, the application of HIPS can be seen in a wide range of industries. Thus, consider the advantage of HIP and try to find the best high impact polystyrene supplier in your area.

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