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Need Home Staging? Do Not Worry! Here is the Checklist!

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Planning to sell your home? Congratulations on your new home, but have you thought about the ways to improve the value of your old home? One of the most effective ways is to stage your house for prospective buyers. It might sound like an easy job, but there are many technical aspects to a properly staged house.

Professionals will help you out, but you need to find a reputable agency for home staging in Brisbane. They know what needs to be done so that they can wring out the maximum value for your home from the potential buyers.


Good News! There is a perfect checklist, from the experts. Just remember, do not be fooled. This checklist is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many dangers lurking under the facade of this checklist. If you take it too lightly, you might be swept away. Have a look at the checklist and then you can judge for yourself if you are up to the job! Here is the checklist:

  • Neutral is the “in-thing”: Maintain color neutrality throughout the house. This will allow the prospective buyers to picture themselves in the house. Vibrant hues can set off the buyers and cause disastrous effects on the overall value of your home in the eyes of the buyer.
  • Do Not Forget Even a Single Room: When it comes to staging, do not just take it for granted that buyer will not visit your laundry room or maybe the basement. They can go where they want and when they want. So, it is imperative that you stage each and every room. It is completely up to the potential buyers, visiting your house, that which room they would like to visit. Do not leave anything to chance.
  • Showcase the Luxury Amenities: When you bought the house, there might have been a wine cellar or some kind of media room, that came with the house. Well, you cannot take those with you, then why not showcase them. Most people have no idea that not only mansions but smaller properties can also have a wine cellar. Let the buyers know that and you get an enhanced value for your home.
  • Add a Fresh Scent to each Room: Let me tell you, that a property that smells blah, will not win it any takers. Ensure that the buyers feel refreshed and employ ways to make the rooms smell nice. One of the intelligent ways to do that without spraying room freshener is by adding newly cleaned curtains. This will add a fresh and welcoming smell to each and every room.
  • Let the Light in: Who would want to live in a gloomy old house? You need to make sure that each and every room receives enough light, so open up the windows. A buyer will feel negative towards homes that are dull and dark. Add light curtains to the rooms, so that you can block out the sun if the staging is in the summers, but it will still give the room a bright look.
  • Knowledge About the Audience: When you head into selling your house, you will need to know, what kind of market you are aiming at; singles, couples, or larger families. Without the proper research, how will you stage the property properly? This way you will be able to sell your house to the right buyer at enhanced rates much faster.

Tired just reading the checklist? Then, how will you get your property ready? There are many layers and technicalities to property staging. Confused already? Then, it will be a smart move to get professional help for staging your property. They will come in with the research and work to combine your preferences with that of the potential buyers and set the perfect staging for your lovely property.

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