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Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump- A Look at its Applications and Uses

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The rotary vane vacuum pump is a pump (positive displacement) consisting of vanes mounted on a rotor which rotates inside a cavity. There are instances when the vanes have variable lengths and they can be tensioned so that they maintain wall contact with the rotating of the pump. Since its invention in the year 1874, the rotary vane pump witnessed many improvements. There is available rotary vane pump for gases.

Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump:

In the context of the vane pumps, the simplest vane pumps use a circular rotor which rotates inside a diametrically larger circular cavity. The centers of the circles (circular rotor, circular cavity) are offset and this causes an eccentricity. The vanes can slide into the rotor and they can slide out of the rotor as well. There exists seal on all the edges and that creates vane chambers which do the pumping work. The vane chambers are always expanding in volume on the intake side of the vane pumps. As the volume of the vane chambers increases in volume, it is filled with fluid that is forced in because of the inlet pressure. In this context, it is important to say that the inlet pressure is that systemic pressure as and when the vane chambers are pumped. This inlet pressure is of the same value as the atmospheric pressure. The vane chambers are always shrinking in volume on the discharge side of the pump.  Multi-stage rotary vane vacuum pump can have pressure drops in the range of 10 and 6mbar. In this context, it is important to say that bar is the unit of pressure and 1mbar=0.0001 Pa.


The rotary vane vacuum pump has more than one uses, and they are as follows: –

  • The vane pumps are used as high pressure hydraulic pumps.
  • They are used in automobiles and they are used in supercharging, air conditioning, power steering. The rotary vane vacuum pump is also used as automatic transmission pumps.
  • The pumps find applications in carbonators for soft drink dispensers. They are used in coffee vending machines.
  • The vane pumps are used in gas applications under diminished pressure. These include secondary air injection for automobile exhaust-emission control, chemical vapor deposition systems under low pressures.
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Other Applications of the Vacuum Pump:

The two-staged rotary vane vacuum pump can attain pressures of about 10-6 mbar. These vacuum pumps are used extensively in providing braking assistance in diesel powered cars, large trucks. The vacuum pumps are used in light aircrafts, in the evacuation of refrigerant lines during the installation of air conditioning devices. Besides, the vacuum pumps find the application and use in vacuum experiments (in physics), laboratory freeze dryers.

Vacuum Safety Valves:

The rotary vane pump uses a mineral oil, which has to be through a distillation process so that its vapor pressure is reduced. The vacuum pumps have an ultimate vacuum that is often referred to as the “blank off” vacuum. An important part of the rotary vane pump is the vacuum safety valve. There are different types of the vacuum pumps that are available online. Depending on the type of vacuum pump being used, different types of vacuum safety valves are used. The purpose of the vacuum safety valve is to isolate the pump from the rotary vane’s vacuum chambers during intentional or unintentional stand-stills. The vacuum safety valves are used to vent the pumping system using the displaced gases. This is done to prevent the oil from rising into the vacuum-chamber. Once the pump is switched on it opens after a short period of time, the pressure in the pump is approximated the pressure in the vacuum chamber.

There are different businesses selling different types of rotary vane vacuum pump online. If you are a prospective customer then you can visit a relevant website, check the products, their features and prices prior to buying them online. Recent trends suggest that more and more people are buying vacuum pumps online as it involves a hassle-free process, takes less time to complete transactions.

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