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Strategy for CCNA Registration

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CCNA certification is issued by Cisco system, which is one of the professional certificates that most people engaged in network technology or aspiring to join in this industry often obtain. Cisco certification is launched by Cisco, a famous manufacturer in network field. It is an international authority in the field of Internet. If you have any questions about how to sign up for CCNA, SPOTO has compiled the following CCNA registration strategies for you.

There are two ways to apply for CCNA examination:

  1. Through domestic Vue examination center
  2. Sign up directly on the Vue website (if you have a dual currency credit card)

 Registration process in Vue examination center of China:

  1. Fill in the registration form: candidates need to provide their name, e-mail address, Chinese and English contact address and zip code, telephone number and examination number and name; Candidates who do not take the first examination should also provide their ID. After confirming that the information is correct, return it to the exam administrator.
  2. Pay the examination fee and sign up for the examination.
  3. Appointment: candidates must make an appointment the day before the examination.

The test time is from Monday to Saturday, and the test on Saturday should be reserved before Friday; Candidates need to provide the test administrator with their name, test date, test code, Chinese and English address, e-mail, mobile phone number, etc.

  1. Registration: after you make an appointment for the exam, the exam administrator will help you to register for the exam and make all preparations for the exam;

Registration can’t be cancelled, if the candidates do not take part in the examination within the appointment time, it will be considered as absent and can’t refund the examination fee. If you need to reschedule the exam due to the question bank or other reasons after the appointment, you can call the examination room or go directly to Vue website to change the exam date. Rescheduling needs to be at least one working day in advance.

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How to register on the official website of Vue:

  1. Fill in personal information and register a new Vue account.
  2. After registration, make an appointment according to your own time, but some can only make an appointment after receiving the examination account number and initial password from the system one working day later.
  3. If you have taken the exam before or have an account already, you can directly log in to the website to make an appointment for the exam.

To apply for the examination, you need to carry two types of valid certificates, which must be two first-class certificates or a combination of first-class and second-class certificates. And provide a copy of the first type of certificate: a type of certificate: passport, ID card, driver’s license, Hong Kong and Macao pass card. Class II certificates: work card, student card and credit card

Note: the certificate must be within the period of validity, expired or invalid can’t be used to participate in the examination! If you take the expired certificate to take part in the examination, you will be rejected by the examination room and the examination fee will not be refunded. Please pay attention to this.

  1. After registration, candidates must arrive at the examination room half an hour in advance.

The above is the registration guide prepared by SPOTO. If you want to know the CCNA examination fee, you can refer to: How much is CCNA examination fee? Finally, I hope you all can get an ideal result.

PS: SPOTO provides CCNA question bank for students who apply for CCNA. Please consult for details!

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