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The Comprehensive Guide about Hydroponic Trays for Amateurs

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Hydroponic Trays for Amateurs (2)

Hydroponic trays or fodder are considered as a boom for the farmers who are landless or suffering from the infertile soil. Hydroponic fodder is a 21st-century soil-free agricultural system which is highly sustainable and environment-friendly. Above all, many people have adopted gardening as their new hobby because of hydroponic fodder. Whether you have land for gardening or not, still you can grow your favorite plants with this soil-free agricultural system.

Nevertheless, there are various advantages of this agriculture system and it is not suitable for every farmer. You should know both the advantages and disadvantages of hydroponic fodder. Don’t get excited yet. In today’s article, we’ll discuss the significant features of this agricultural system. And, later you decide whether the hydroponic agricultural system is suitable for you or not.

What Do You Mean By Hydroponic Or Fodder Trays?

Hydroponic trays are derived from one of the oldest gardening methods, ‘hydroponics’ founded in 1920. Surprisingly, during World War II, the US Army was entirely dependent on this agricultural method to grow necessary vegetables and fruits.

Now, these trays are available in multiple shapes and sizes suitable for every plant species. You can get trays for your favourite aloevera plant to industrial-type trays to grow wheat and maize. The best part about these trays is they allow you to grow plants organically without or with minimal use of artificial fertilisers. Believe it or not, many farmers in different US countries are adopting these trays, even when they have soil to grow crops.

The Hydroponic gardening method is beneficial for farmers because they can cultivate more crops and maximise profits. One of the key features of these trays is you don’t need to face much hassle for growing and maintaining the plants. Everything is very straightforward, less time-consuming and cost-effective too. Lastly, getting these trays is also super easy, either purchase them from online stores or grab from your nearest gardening supplies store.

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What Are The Advantages Of Hydroponics/Fodder Trays?

  • Viable Crops

One of the biggest advantages of hydroponics trays is you can install them either in your outdoor or indoor gardening space. However, installing them in the gardening space is much easier than placing the industrial style trays.

Wherever you are installing the trays, you can cultivate the crops round the clock and throughout the year. Whether you are living in tropical areas or arctic climate, you can still grow crops; however, extra maintenance is required according to the season.

  • Does Not Consume Space

Farmers living in urban areas often struggle to cultivate their crops because of less space. These trays require 60% less space compared to your standard land. Setup the hydroponic trays in your house deck or rooftop area. The best part is you can grow crops for your daily need without the need for heavy agricultural equipment and expensive fertilisers.

What Is The Biggest Disadvantage Of Hydroponic Trays?

Hydroponic Trays for Amateurs (2)

  • Pricing

Fodder trays are only beneficial when you are using them for local purposes. When it comes to commercial purpose, you need to shell out your hard-earned money for growing the crops. Above all, for installing such trays, you also need professional equipment and labour.

Furthermore, you’ll need professional help for installation and maintenance part, especially when you are new to the hydroponic agricultural system. Some operational expenses are also paid in advance before starting the manufacturing process of your trays.

Final Wrap-Up

Grab the trays for personal needs. You need to know if your requirement will be met. If you are planning to start your business with these trays, you need to burn your pockets and bear up the operational charges. Thus, do proper research before investing money in the hydroponic trays.

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