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What Is the Best Decking Timber to Use?

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What is timber? It is a type of wood put through certain processes of wood production for the purpose of being turned into beams and planks, mostly used for making furniture and the construction of houses. From floorboards to decking timber, house frames to stairs, timber has always been an essential product in the making of everyday items. It is durable, light and more reliable than any other type of material, making it a better choice for the construction of any kind.

When it comes to making a great looking timber deck there are many choices of timber species available. Each of it comes with a different texture, colour, and quality.  You must choose a wood for your deck that is hard, durable, beautiful and that requires low maintenance.

Here Are Some of The Basic Qualities One Must Look for In the Decking Timber:

#1. Strength: It is mainly designed for outdoors; thus, it is required for a deck to be strong and resilient, which is what you should be looking for. It is important to consider all the different types of conditions before using any kind of material, otherwise, the result will not be satisfactory enough.

#2. Durability: The main goal is to have the best kind of experience in the world of timber. One of the main features when it comes to timber is that it should be pressure-treated till the correct level so that it can perform its job well. Fortunately, when it comes to decking timber, there is a vast array of options that you can choose from. Each kind is up to the mark in its own way and that is what makes it more difficult to choose.

#3. Resistant to Fungi: In Australia, the products allow you to have a deck that is rigid, durable and resistant to any kind of invasion by fungi or insects. In simple words, perfect for the weather conditions. Heavy, dense timbers can be considered for areas that remain protected from the elements of nature. However, in areas with heavy rainfall and sunshine, such kind of wood would not work out. Instead, hardwoods, such as Teak and Spotted gum.

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#4. Versatile: Treated Pine is also quite popular among the crowd as it is more economical than others. It is decay resistant and promises brilliant versatility, which is an excellent quality. It can be painted to match any required colour scheme you want. Similar decking timber species are Merbau, Pacific Jarrah, and Mixed Reds, that include Grey Gum and Iron Bark.

#5. Appearance: Great appearance also remains a demanding reason when choosing a timber. When it comes to timber you might get mouth-watering options that are stunning and sometimes this makes it difficult to make a right choice. Thus, buy the one which fits in with all the qualities, not just the look.

While there has been a lot of update on products in the market of decking, the top shelf is always given to timber. There are a lot of points to remember while choosing the correct kind of material, but it is also necessary to not let yourself get blown away with the statistics. Similarly, your location, the type of shelter you provide, seasonal impact, and housing facilities, all comes into play. Gaps and framing matter a lot while installing decking timbers. Correct maintenance and use ensure a long-term relationship with your deck. Always make sure you know your decking timber before you use it in your deck.

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