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Why Should You Look For Call Center Providers In India While Outsourcing?

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In this era of globalization, the competition is increasing day by day. This is making all the more necessary for the businesses to focus more on the core competencies rather than trying to manage both the back-end processes and the core ones in-house. When it comes to outsourcing the non-core business functions, choosing a reliant and experienced call center is what companies are opting more and more for.

However, the problem arises in choosing the location where you want to outsource. Delegating the non-core processes to offshore locations is what more than 84% of the companies choose.

Now, when it comes to outsourcing to offshore locations the next thing that you need to think upon is your offshore destination.

Call center providers in India have earned a good rapport in the arena of call center services. The agents are not just proficient but dedicated as well. In fact, since the 90s, many of the US-based companies have been continuously choosing India as the outsourcing destination for their call center functions.

There are many benefits of doing so, herein, we have listed a few of them. Take a look.

  • Cuts down the operational costs-

Your operational and overhead costs cut down significantly. The chunks of the amount that you save can then be utilized in expanding the business or for the betterment of your business. Instead of managing the call center functions internally and outsourcing it to any of the trusted call center providers in India, cuts down the cost even more than outsourcing to any other offshore outsourcing destination without compromising on the quality. In fact, it can reduce the operational costs to 50% or more. Moreover, you also get the benefit of adjustable pricing options.

  • You get round-the-clock support-

When you have your business operations outsourced to an offshore destination like India, your customer gets the benefit of 24×7 support and assistance. Also, call center providers in India are an ideal choice for North American and European companies. When you outsource your call center services to India, you can be available for your customers across the globe that live in different time zones. The agents are available all the time.

  • Educated and English speaking workforce-

Indian education is mostly English medium. The population is highly qualified and has good spoken English. As a matter of fact, the population stands 2nd after the US in having English speaking population. Also, Indian people are actively participating in learning languages like German, French, and Spanish. The availability of such talented workforce which can speak languages other than their mother tongue fluently isn’t that easy to find. You know how beneficial such agents are for your company’s customer support if you have clients from different countries.

  • You get a veteran outsourcing destination-
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Call center providers in India are a prime outsourcing destination for back-end processes across the world. It is so as the call center of India have proved their worth over and over again. They provide excellent customer support services not just over the phone but across all other channels as well. The experience that the country has in this industry is more than 20 years now. On top of that, the cost at which it operates and the quality of services and the technology that these call centers use speaks volumes about the dedication of them towards their work.

  • Provides the benefit of ‘Digital Revolution’-

There are various policies that have favored the growth of the call center industry. In fact, ever since Narendra Modi Ji has come in the power, he has been promoting digitalization continuously. The IT infrastructure is also being worked upon.

  • You get the best urban cities to outsource-

Six Indian cities are always considered as the top outsourcing destinations for call center services. Metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Pune, and Hyderabad have a population that speaks and understand English well and is also well-versed with the usage of technology. The cities also have well laid IT infrastructure just like other competitor countries. They do not lag behind anywhere. In fact, they are ahead of some of the rival countries in this regard.

All the aforementioned points make India a perfect outsourcing destination for call center services. Also, you already know that not offshoring the customer support and trying to manage it in-house will put the main functions of your business on a stall. Moreover, when you already know that offshoring to India can cut down your operational costs to almost 50%, there is no reason for you to choose any other outsourcing destination for your contact center.

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