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Best Online Marketing Automation Tools

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Social media marketing is the new hottest trend in the business world. Every business holds a social media marketing scheme to promotes their product and services online. Cox Internet Customer Service provides some easy on the budget and great in speed internet packages to the businesses located here.

Majority of the businesses have many tasks to tackle each day that makes them run short on time. Here are some online marketing automatic tools to help these businesses.


Marketo is one of the widely used social media marketing automation tools. Majority of the professionals use it themselves and recommend others to use it too. It helps marketers to manage their email campaigns, social media campaigns, social media posting and helps them to make sales possible.

It comes with many features that prove to be beneficial for the business to grow and make more profit. Looking at the number of features it has to offer, it costs a reasonable amount of dollars to its customer base. Majority of the successful businesses use Marketo and gives credit to it for their success.


Infusionsoft comes second on the list of professional’s favorite digital marketing automation tool. It is one of the strongest, easy to learn and full of amazing features tool. It helps businesses to design social marketing plans and then carry them out.

Businesspersons use it mainly for email campaigns. The concept of each marketing strategy you make revolves around the customers as it focuses on the new leads generated by your posts, number of close sales, and send follow-ups on your behalf.

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Constant Contact

If you want some tool that is designed especially for email marketing, then Constant Contact should be your choice. It is used by a variety of businesses to handle their email marketing campaigns. In case you do not have techy individuals on your team, it would be the best option, as it is less easy to be even handled by non-IT persons.

The only con of this tool is that it does not offer growth beyond email marketing. However, if you just need a tool for email marketing, you should opt for it.

Out Market

Out Market brings the outer market into your loyal customer group. It is a single solution catering a huge list of marketing needs of the businesses all around the globe. With this amazing tool, you can automate your email marketing strategy, make landing pages, manage social media posting, press outreach, and get all the details about the posts you posted later.

Moreover, it makes your business grow faster and lets you win the competition present in the market. Internet companies in my area make use of Out Market to broaden their customer group.

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