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Unveil the True Efficacies of PgMP Certification Catering to Project Managers

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Nowadays, program management is one of the perquisites of big organizations worldwide. The job of a program manager is to effectively manage several projects simultaneously, with a goal to improve performance of an organization. The position of a program manager is largely operational, that is why more and more organizations are demanding for certified program managers capable of handling this job.

Let’s have a look at all the responsibilities of a program manager, and how to become a PgMP certified one!

What does program management entail?

A program is an amalgamation of several projects, mostly aimed towards the betterment of an organization. The program is successful only when it is utilized optimally by everyone organization. Thus the role of a program manager is to articulate objectives and goals of a program and its impact on business.

Have a look at the following section –

  • Planning:

Planning is integral to program management because it brings together each aspect of various projects like resources, monitoring, timescale, control and other information.

  • Governance:

Governance refers to the ability of controlling activities and changes suited to the objectives of performance. The objective of governance is to incorporate some measures to keep account of the progress of a program.

  • Advancement:

One of the main objectives of program management is to continuously assess performance of various parts of an organization, develop new capabilities and apply those for betterment of the entire program.

How to get program management certification?

The role of a program manager is much bigger than handling individual projects; he/she looks at the welfare of program in the long run. Thus to become a program manager you will have to have adequate knowledge and proof backing the same. In this respect, the certificate for program management or PgMP is provided by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

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Several institutes provide project management certification. These are the prerequisites to get to the next level of management:

  1. A Bachelor’s degree (or its global equivalent) with minimum four years experience of project management and program management each.


  1. A high school degree with minimum four years experience in project management and seven years experience in program management.

To get program management certification online, a candidate should log in to PMI’s website and get the application form. After applying for certification, they will be subjected to a panel review to assess their program management experience. Next, on passing this review, candidates will be eligible for an exam, where they will have to answer 170 multiple-choice questions in four hours time. Also, a PgMP credential holder needs to earn 60 professional development units or PDUs in each three-year cycle.

Why should you get certified?

The PgMP certification course focuses on six areas like prioritization, governance, escalation, benefits realization, resource management, and stakeholder management, along with covering the whole of the process of project management.

So as a certified program manager you will be able to promote the amalgamation of different projects for the benefit of the program as a whole.

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