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AI in Marketing: Cutting-Edge Tech Helping Brands to Enhance Growth

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With the rise of new and updated technology, the roles of marketers in the current times have transformed rapidly. In the face of modern and state-of-the-art tech, marketers have devised newer ways to use the tech tools at their disposal to enhance growth in business.

AI has immense potential that is revolutionizing the various aspects of marketing. Futuristic tech, when coupled with the creativity of modern-day marketers, presents itself as an ingenious asset to reach out to the consumers better.

A quick overview of AI in marketing: as it stands

Here are some fast facts about how AI is changing the face of marketing for the better.

  • Leading market surveys have found AI to be dominant with 71% of all tech trends of the current times that can be a significant influence on consumer behavior.
  • Most business leaders (72%) have termed AI as a “business advantage” when it comes to marketing.
  • 60% of the consumers currently use AI-enabled navigation apps such as Google Maps while 44% of companies use AI for managing overall security matters.
  • As per the projections of a leading study, all IoT initiatives will have AI-enabled tech by 2019.
  • Market surveys project global business revenue of around $3.9 trillion in 2022.

AI aids people to speed up daily tasks. Most companies use this to their advantage by bringing in more innovative marketing tactics using AI that has a positive impact on business. Corporations are already investing billions in AI since it promises to return the investment in large profit figures in the future.

How to use AI in marketing for ensuring growth in business

Having many applications in improving business from all aspects, AI is a technological marvel that helps small and medium business owners as well. AI-enabled devices can offer flawless customer service, help in collecting and analyzing data and customize promotional activities. The future of marketing thus looks exciting indeed with the implementation of AI in marketing.

Brands like Facebook, Lenovo, Google, Coca-Cola, IBM, Tesla, Amazon, Uber, Starbucks and Adidas use AI as a part of their marketing strategy, and so can you. Whether you are a small, medium or big business owner, AI can drastically transform your entire marketing game with just a few simple hacks. Here’s how brands can use AI cleverly as a part of their marketing strategy.

  • Advancements in advertising

Did you know AI could actually create and construct advertisement copies for you? AI globally powers almost 20% of all advertisement copy (for all forms of promotional campaigns) currently, with projections of a majorly AI-reigned future for copy and content creation. AI-driven tools such as Albert for Harley Davidson, are increasingly coming to rescue the sales and marketing drives for brands. Albert helped a New York Harley Davidson showroom achieve a 2930% increase in leads through data collection using AI tech.

If one AI-powered device can achieve that, imagine what an entire digital marketing campaign powered by AI can achieve. You can ensure increased revenue as AI creates and crafts ingenious marketing copies for advertisements and sales campaigns.

  • Coursing through customer service

Personalised advertising and promotional campaigns are the newest kids in the block when it comes to customer service. Personalisation and communication goals can be combined with AI-powered tools and devices. This helps you achieve the optimum level of engagement and enhanced sales activities. Fashion, accessories and academic service brands mostly use AI-powered devices to manage customer communication.

For example, let’s take a moment to consider how chatbots work in driving your sales upward. From establishing a two-way communication pathway with your customers to promoting products as per their preferences, chatbots can do it all for you. If essay typer companies can use chatbots to communicate with their clients, so why can’t you? AI makes the whole customer experience quite an interactive one and produces positive results.

  • Boosting sales across all platforms
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Solutions for AI marketing can deal with massive data sets, identify trends, bring out positive insights and keep a tab of all critical points that humans may have otherwise overlooked. Data gathered from all platforms can be used to create great marketing solutions for all channels. AI can even analyze texts from blogs, social media posts, and emails, making sales drives an easy breeze for marketers of the current times.

Since AI has proven its high level of efficiency in increasing revenue and sales, marketers can focus on creating better strategies that put the technology to good use. From taking care of tedious business tasks to contributing to a boost in sales, AI has come as a blessing to brands of the modern age.

  • Optimum reach in SEO

Providing swiftest of solutions to the query of ‘how, ‘when’, ‘what’, ‘why’, ‘nearby’ and ‘where’ is now the topmost priority for the digital marketing team. Striving to increase visibility and brand value through SEO, marketers are thus looking for the best ways to optimize their digital presence. AI customizes news feed and generates keyword-rich content fit for the context that the marketers want.

Devices like Alexa, Siri, and Cortana are all powered by AI, and allow brands to customize and create content as per the needs of the consumers. Similarly, AI helps brands in optimizing for SEO with state-of-the-art website designing tools as well. In fact, AI-powered and optimized websites have recorded 35.6% boost in revenue, proving to be quite effective indeed.

  • Rocking predictive analysis areas

Marketers can track and analyze data, look deep into metrics and schedule tasks in advance to a great level. However, AI-based tech can make it a whole lot easier for them. Machines are devoid of errors or flaws and can compute complicated analyses in a matter of minutes. Predictive analysis features of AI thus give marketers a better look into the metrics that help in maximizing engagement and conversion rates.

For example, email marketers can use predictive analysis to figure out the ideal time for sending emails to the target audience. The data collected through AI about consumer behavior prompts marketers to send out emails at the right time to the right consumer, so the open rate increase. That, in turn, translates to boosted conversion rates and increased revenue.

In conclusion

Already playing a considerable role in global marketing campaigns for almost all leading brands like Sephora and Lowe, AI promises an exciting future for sales and marketing. Harnessing AI for developing newer ways to increase revenue is thus what the digital marketers of current times should put their focus on. Small and medium businesses are following suit of the business biggies like Harley Davidson and Amazon for their marketing campaigns. AI truly is a resourceful tool for all aspects of marketing, and you should try it too if you want to match steps with the future.


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