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Electrical Courses – A Great Way to Jumpstart a Career

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Before there was the internet, before there were mobile phones, before there was any infrastructure, before education was so formal, schools used to be held under the shades of the trees, out in the open. Oops, seems like we have time travelled too far into the past. Fast forward a thousand years and we are now in the twenty-first century, where everything — right from a packet of popcorn to the latest TV series (whether 13 reasons why or Game of Thrones) to educational courses to buying second-hand cars — can be done and bought online. It is so convenient. We live in a time where we can get up and book our breakfast, a cab, lunch, entertainment, and even dates online. In such digitised times, how can online electrical courses help you to jumpstart your career? Let’s take a look at a few of the electrical courses at the Electricians Success Academy:

Electrical Courses For Electricians

What you learn from your electrical contractor’s license is mostly bookish and technical. But out there, in the real world, your tech skills alone won’t save you. You might be the best electrician in the world, but if you don’t have the additionally required arsenal of the soft skills that are crucial, then success will be a distant dream. So, when you sign up for the electricians training course online, you get to polish a wide variety of your skills. It is divided into eight modules such as:

  • Mindset: Develop a learning mindset so that you are always learning and always on the growth curve.
  • VRI Fault Finding Principle: Master your technical fault finding skills by becoming the electrical Sherlock Holmes with this principle.
  • Productivity: It’s all about the productivity that tallies up as profits for your employer. Ensure that you are giving your 100%.
  • Install Hacks: Say no more — got an electrical installation job? Now, you can do it in a jiffy with these useful install hacks.
  • Customer Service: How to ensure that your customer gets a great experience while working with you? Learn more in this module!
  • Onsite Sales: When you are on the job as an electrician, you are the expert and you have got to make useful suggestions to your customers, which might lead to onsite sales.
  • Communication Skills: Sharpen your soft skills to be more effective as an electrician in the field. Learn the nuances of communication in this video series.
  • Technical Mastery: There’s never an end to the amount of technical stuff that you can learn. Upgrade your tech know-how to be the best electrician.

Electrical Courses For Business Owners

It is tough being an electrical business owner, especially in a time when the consumers have so many options at their fingertips, and would easily be swayed by the cheapest price and go for the next best option, if you so much as charge them a dollar extra. In such cut-throat competition, how can you stand out as a business owner such that there’s a value creation in terms of your brand and pricing takes a backseat in the minds of the customers? When you enrol for the online electrical business course at the Electricians Success Academy, it is divided into twelve modules, which are as follows:

  • Startup pack: So, you are about to start an electrical business? Don’t battle it out alone. Learn from the legends in the industry who will guide and help you to build a foundation.
  • Strategic Planning: How can you move forward if you are stuck at stagnancy? It calls for a lot of planning, a war-level of planning. Learn the tricks now.
  • Financial Domination: Manage your money well, and you won’t have to worry a day in your life. Let’s see how you can implement this rule in your business!
  • Shopping List Pricing System: Are you ready to learn about a revolutionary invoicing method such that you’d never have to mention your hourly rate to the customer and have to discuss it out? This module will help you to do just that.
  • Recruitment King: If you are looking to learn how to build a great team then recruitment king has all the right strategies for you so that you can create your dream team as well as a great company culture.
  • Magic Wizard Sales: A mix of marketing and sales, this module will help you to bring in new leads, new business, and a tonne of profit.
  • Digital Takeover: It’s time to go digital and take the social media by the storm. If not that much, maybe, just launch your business on all the social media networking sites and apps.
  • Operational Beast: Learn how to hack your day to day operations at your business such that you don’t have to micromanage everything out there.
  • Mary Poppins: If you seek perfection in everything that you do, then Mary Poppins is the recommended module in this electrical business course for you.
  • Management Mastery: Learn how to be a manager that people like to work with and to be around. Motivate your team with the right set of approaches.
  • The Ultimate You: Achieve a great work-life balance because, at the end of the day, life is not just about work, work, work.
  • Choose Your Own Adventure: If you have any suggestion or request about the topic that you’d like to learn, you can go ahead and even request a course tailored for you.
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Electrical Courses For Managers

Being a manager is never an easy job. Being a manager in such a niche industry comes with its own set of challenges such that you have no guidance or a reference point. How can you tackle these issues so that you have a solid track record as a manager in the electrical industry and so that your team performs to its best possible capacity? For this you can enrol in an online pro-team manager electrical course, which consists of the following six characteristics

  • Track the learning
  • Get real-time reports
  • Experience a gamified learning platform
  • Personalised branding for your company
  • Increase your company’s profit
  • Ensure phenomenal customer service
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Improve 360-degree performance of your team

So these are the three electrical courses that will give your career a great jumpstart and maybe even a push up the ladder if there’s someplace very specific that you’d like to be. Do leave us a comment and let us know which of the above three electrical courses suit your need and which one you will opt for? All the best for your learning journey — may you achieve all you seek!



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