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Learn the Right Skills with Electrical Training

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In the real world, the bookish knowledge won’t take you far. No matter how many hours of theoretical electrical engineering lectures you have attended and exams you have aced, in the practical world, it is all about how you integrate and implement your knowledge skills.

Electrical Install Hacks

A book can tell you thousands of ways to install a light bulb or a ceiling fan — but which is the most efficient one? When you enrol in the Electrician Success Academy, you can learn from the people who have experience in the electrical industry and have been killing it with their phenomenal electrical skills and knowledge. There can be so many small tricks and hacks that can help you to do your job more efficiently and in a lot less time. For example, you might have been doing electrical wiring in a very messy way such that the wire is haywire and all over the place. But if you were to implement a trick that tells you how to roll and unroll the wire such that it falls straight into the target and can be fitted without any twists and knots, then your life as an electrician would be a lot easier. You can learn more such tips when you sign up for the electricians training platform.

VRI Fault Finding Principle

There will be a lot many times when your customers would call you and complain about electrical appliances or power circuits not working at their homes, offices, or properties. In such times, without a lot of clues, it would be all upon you to set out on the mighty task of finding electrical faults and resolving them correctly. With the VRI principle that you will learn in the electrical training course, you will be able to take a strategic approach to solving electrical faults and coming up with solutions in a stipulated amount of time. For example, if a fuse is not working, you would take a logical approach by testing out the electrical circuits one by one, by isolating them, and then dive deeper into what might be the cause of the problem. In this way, you will be able to give your customers a real answer to their electrical problems.

Learning Mindset & Productivity Skills

Learning is not at all about what they teach you in an electrical engineering course at a college or in a university. You need to upgrade your mindset because learning is not something that you do for just a fixed amount of years. It is something that you have to do actively and proactively through your life. It means that you need to keep learning even after you have got your electrical contractor’s license by enrolling in an electrical training course. If you are working in the electrical industry, your boss might be assessing your productivity in terms of how fast you complete an electrical job and project because of the hourly billing system. So, you can learn to hack productivity by ensuring that you don’t only know how to do a job but also how to do it efficiently.

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Communication, Customer Service & On Site Sales Skills

It is all about communication, communication, communication! No matter how technically sound you are as an electrician, you need to be able to communicate about the job requirements (and more) with your customer on the field. You need to establish a rapport with them so that they feel like working with you for all their electrical projects. Your communication skills on the field will extend a bit to also include customer service. You need to ensure that when you do an electrical job, your customer receives exceptional customer service such that you take care of their electrical work as well as clean up the working space, once you are done with the installation, repairing, and other electrical tasks. While you are providing customer service, you need to ensure that you make suggestions that are beneficial and helpful to them. This way you can increase your onsite sales by pitching electrical products and electrical services to your customers while you are already doing their jobs and improve their homes, offices, and properties for their comfort.

The above-listed skills are just an overview of what you might learn in an electrical training course. Apart from that, you will also learn how to interact with your peers in the electrical industry and get real-world insights from people who work in your industry. You can interact with them via exclusive Facebook groups meant to discuss the standards of the electrical industry around the world. You can also teach them tricks that you have learnt over the years and learn from their knowledge in the electrical industry.

So what do you think? Will signing up for an electrical training course help you to be a better electrician? Leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts, too.

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