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How Organic Food Can Be Protected Against The Degradation?

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Organic food has high nutritional value as it is produced without using conventional pesticides and fertilizers for increasing the yield and, rather allowed to grow through the natural growth process. These days, everyone has become very conscious of their eating habits and count calories before putting anything on their plates. In a scenario like this, organic food stands as the best food as it is rich with nutrients and vitamins and do not have high calorific value which is why everybody is reaching for organic food in the first place.

Since huge behavioral changes can be seen in the eating habits of people and everybody prefers organic food over anything, the consumption of organic food has really gone up. Hence, it becomes more important to package them so well that losses are minimized. This can be effectively addressed with the usage of oxygen absorbers inside the organic food packets. It absorbs all the moisture that gets accumulated over time as moisture accumulation is really high in the case of organic food.

The goodness of nutrient-packed organic food completely relies on how well it is preserved until it reaches the consumers. Since it is grown naturally without making use of any chemical-based method to keep it fresh, it is much obvious that it would rot faster than food produced otherwise. The presence of oxygen and moisture in their places of storage can cause oxidation of food and degrade them before reaching your plates.

Oxidation leads to the growth of microorganisms, mold, and mildew and makes the food unfit for consumption. As organic food already has a higher content of moisture and oxygen, unlike the foods that are comparatively drier, therefore utmost care needs to be taken for its protection from the harmful effects of oxygen leading to the spoilage of the product by drastically increasing the concentration of oxygen inside the food packages.

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Sorbead India markets the sachets of oxygen absorbers containing iron powder which turns to rust in the presence of oxygen and moisture, keeping the contents of the package safe against the enzymatic and microbial degradation. As organic food is rich in oxygen and moisture, it is more prone to degradation turning the food bad and unsuitable for consumption.

Oxysorb is the food-grade oxygen absorbers that come in sachets of different sizes to suit the needs of manufacturers across various food industries. It is US FDA certified and absorbs oxygen efficiently to preserve the freshness of food items for extended durations.

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