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What to Eat in Northern Areas?

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What to Eat in Northern Areas

“Northern Areas” whenever someone hears this, the mind quickly switches to find two purposes of visiting Northern Areas.

  1. Honeymoon
  2. Pakistan Tour

No matter what makes you visit the “Glimpse of heavens”, the first thing you will consider is “Khaapa”- Food-, obviously the trip remains incomplete without delicious food. You will find some best of eateries in Quetta but it is hard to find where to eat in Naran, Kaghan Valley and Balakot because these are hilly areas that’s why everything is at the top including “prices”

I still remember the time when my husband and I ate “Andaa Ghotala” with tea at “Siri” and  “Paye” Hills (above Shogran) in “only 700” rupees each. Anyways you just need to ignore the expenses when looking for the perfect comfortable trip. So as the name indicates, Northern Areas have cold climate due to which we didn’t find any fan in the hotels there and that’s the reason you must focus on some limited food items to keep your body temperature moderate. Honestly, you are not going to find a variety of food items but some of the signature food of Northern Areas will make you fall in love with them forever.

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  1. Chapli Kabab:

As you may find a variety of fishes when visiting “Kemari” in Karachi, similarly, you will find a vast variety of delicious, juicy Chapli kababs in Northern Areas. They are made of lamb, beef and chicken. The lamb ones are delicious of all with a twist of tomato and a heavy piece of lamb fat infused between the kababs, some people devour it with fat and some just like it with special spicy “Chutney”.

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Chapli Kabab

  1. Afghani Pulao:

    Afghani Pulao or Kabuli Pulao is the amazing treat of Northern Areas, you can enjoy a whole meal with the combination of Chapli Kababs. It’s not just an ordinary pulao, it gives the pleasure to your taste buds with nuts, your eyes will be sparkled to see beautiful texture of Pulao with carrots, cashew nuts, raisins, almonds mounded with lamb or beef under the layer of smooth Basmati rice. So, don’t forget to try amazing Afghani Pulao in the cold weather of Northern Areas.

Afghani Pulao

  1. Trout Fish:

Trout fish is one of the best meal to eat in Northern Areas. It was worth of 1000 Rupees per kilo but those 1000 Rupees were nothing for this juicy, tender and delicious fish. Packed with high power proteins and minerals you will easily find them in fresh river water. Just promise yourself that you will not come back without eating Trout. Best to eat at Bata Kundi and Kiwai and do visit the Trout Fish Farms in Naran to have the best experience of your life.

Trout Fish

And the list goes on for the best foods of Northern Areas, you can have Roghni Naan, Qeema Naan and Qulcha with evening tea. You will easily find the stalls for hot creamy, fluffy coffee everywhere in Northern Areas. Have a delicious visit!

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