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Home remedies for postnasal drip

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home remedies for postnasal drip

Postnasal drip is a term of the condition that excess mucus production in the nasal passages and drip down your throat. Our nose creates about a liter of thick and wet substance named mucus day to day. which moisturize and cleans the nasal, moisten the air in the airway as well as traps, clears inhaled material and fights infection. At most time, we don’t notice the constancy production of mucus as it mixes with saliva naturally and we keep swallow it. But once it is produced too much, we suffer from dripping mucus, which is uncomfortable. In this article, I introduce you causes, symptoms and some home remedies for postnasal drip thus you can apply when necessary.

Causes and symptoms

Postnasal drip may be activated by a range of causes, perhaps the flu, common cold, sinus infections, eating certain food like spicy foods, perfumes, cleaning products and the most common culprit are allergies. Changing weather, cold temperatures and dry air also result in sinus drainage. The specific postnasal drip’s symptom is nagging cough and often be worst at night. The extra mucus also leads to sore throat, itching throat and hoarse voice as well. More seriously, chronic postnasal drip can cause stomach pain, difficult breathing, exhaustion, etc. Home remedies to cure postnasal drip are short-term treatment to get rid of excessing mucus and relieving temporary discomfort. Those following ingredients are available in our own home to help us deal with postnasal drip.

Remedies for postnasal drip in our own home

Salt water mouthwash

Salt water helps thin the mucus to soothe your throat. Add half of a tsp of salt into warm water in a cup. then stir thoroughly and gargle it several times daily. It also helps keep your mouth clean and reduces other bacteria.


Ginger is well-known for its antibacterial, antiviral as well as expectorant properties. Ginger reduces the excess of mucus. It is proved to be effective in relieving hoarseness, chest congestion and sore throat, making you feel better. The easiest way to use ginger is drinking ginger tea a few times a day. The way to make a tea is simple. Put some sliced ginger in 150-200ml of water and simmer about 10 minutes. Add a bit raw honey or sugar and drink. If possible, you can chew directly raw ginger and use more ginger in your cooking.  

Otherwise, according to health news, ginger is one of the home remedies for croup treatment as well.


Another ingredient that has the same effect as ginger is garlic- a antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory herb. It helps control overproduction of mucus and promotes quick recovery. You can chew 3 to 4 cloves of garlic a few times a day but its side effect is smelly breath. Another option to use garlic is roasting chopped garlic in butter then add to a cup of milk which is warm.

Nasal irrigation

This home remedy for postnasal drip is a must-do work. It not only prevents excess mucus but also remains our nasal passages out of irritants and prevents additional infection. This nasal irrigation contains 5 steps. Frist, add quarter of a tsp of salt and a little baking soda into 180-200 ml warm water. Step two is filling a pot with this mixture. Next when you’re standing next to a sink, you should angle your head and squirt the liquid to your one nostril. Incline your head behind, forward, side-to-side to make the fluid able to reach nasal cavities. Finally, blow carefully your nose to move excess mucus and fluid. Do the same progress with the left nostril. You need to do this method once a day for a couple days.

Drink further water

Remember not to drink coffee, alcohol, soda and other drinks that will dehydrate you. You need to increase fluid intake to reduce the mucus, promote quick recovery as well as help your body, your nasal passages hydrated. For better treatment, drink water which is warm or drink green tea, hot lemonade, chicken soup, broths and vegetable soup.

Increase the consumption of Vitamin C

Vitamin C- a great antioxidant that improve your immune system so it is very important to eat more vitamin C-rich foods when suffering from post-nasal drip. Broccoli, berries, kiwis, lemons, tomatoes, papayas, oranges are all familiar food sources of vitamin C.


You should improve your environment so as not to worse your postnasal drip. Keep your home clean by removing flowers, keeping your pet clean san sanitizing your carpets, pillows and mattresses. Keep the humidity high and stable in your house by a humidifier to add moisture to the air. Remember to skip the smog and skip the smokes (both firsthand and secondhand smoke) = as it has bad effect on your throat, sinuses and nasal passages.

Above home remedies for postnasal drip are really easy and available to apply. Hope this article is helpful to you!


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