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How do you know if you need Root Canal Treatment?

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If your tooth suffers from some problem you might at some point think that it needs Root Canal Treatment. But can you be sure?

How do you know that you have to get an RCT done? You can just experience some discomfort but then also you cannot be sure as to what it is and why do you need the same. Only your doctor is well-trained to help you answer your query. Your dentist will first examine your tooth and will then take an X-Ray to find the exact condition of your tooth so that further process can be decided.

But the question that then further exists is – What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root Canal Treatment is a procedure to repair tooth and save it from any further damage. The tooth may damage due to infection caused by decay which has reached the root of the tooth in the nerve. During this procedure the pulp is removed, the tooth is made disinfectant and the tooth is then sealed.

People have a fear of getting an RCT done because they are afraid of the pain that may arise during the treatment. With advancement in technology, even this fear is long gone, and the dentistry is next to painless.

One needs to undergo an RCT treatment due to following reasons:

  • There is a tooth decay which has created a deep hole causing infection which it reaches the bottom of the root causes the inflammation. If such is the case, then one surely need to undergo Root Canal Treatment
  • An accident or trauma which has caused a crack to your tooth. The cracked tooth is exposed, and the bacteria then find a way to reach the bottom of the tooth root which is a major reason for inflammation.
  • If any particular tooth has undergone multiple dental treatments, then the chances of it damaging are high which is then required to undergo an RCT

If ignored for longer duration these can lead to only one conclusion i.e. extraction. RCT is a treatment option which helps to save the tooth from.

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The reasons discussed above are not which a person will simply know without visiting a dental clinic. But there are certain signs which can be looked out such as:

  • Tooth Pain – The very first symptom is the pain in the tooth. It varies from mild to severe. The pain will intensify with time so much so that your tooth will pain even if you bite or chew your food. If this is the case then chances of RCT are high
  • Swollen Gums – The infection makes the gum swollen and tender thereby causing irritation and discomfort. One can also experience redness on the gums causing pain in it.
  • Discoloration of Teeth – Because the primary reason is decay, therefore, discoloration is what one can experience in the process. If the cavity gets deeper then the tooth will appear blackish brown in color and further spreading of the decay to other teeth can cause discoloration to them as well. If you notice any such symptom rush to your nearest dental clinic.
  • Prolonged Sensitivity – If the sensitivity to cold beverage and sweets does not lessen and intensify with time then the chances of the tooth being damaged severely is high. And if that is the case then infection could be a reason for the same which is the basic reason for getting an RCT.
  • Recurring Gum Boils – Infection being present in your teeth can form pimple on the gums called boils. These are formed when your pus dries instead of building inside the bone tissue. This can cause irritation and discomfort and are clearly visible to an individual.

All these signs and symptoms can guide you to know whether you need to undergo RCT but the final say on it will be of your dentist. If you are observing such signs then look out for root canal charges or RCT treatment cost to keep yourself updated about the costings.

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