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What You Should Know About the Adult Circumcision Surgery

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Circumcision is a procedure (surgical) that removes the foreskin of the penis to expose the head. In certain religions and cultures, this surgery is more common compared to others. However, in the United States, over 50% of infants or newborn babies go through the adult circumcision surgery. In other European countries, the circumcision rate is as low as 1%. In some religions, such as Islam and under Jewish religious law, scholars often encourage the practice.

Today, the circumcision surgery is not a necessary procedure on infants, and the decision to cut or not to cut is one left for the parent’s of the baby to decide. Usually, circumcision surgeons perform this procedure within just a few days of the birth of the child. Although this procedure is a common practice on newborn babies, circumcision surgery is suitable for any age. Note that some adult males choose to go through the adult circumcision for personal or medical reasons.

Reasons to Opt for the Surgery

The main reasons why men support circumcision include some customs, like not wanting to appear different from their peers, as well as some health-related benefits. However, evidence shows that babies who go through the circumcision procedure have some less risk of urinary tract infections, during their first five years of life. In addition, there’s a lower risk of penile cancer and STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) in adult males who opt for Circumcision Center surgery. Along with reducing the chances of health-related problems, circumcision makes it easier to keep the genital area odor free and clean.

The people who do not support the circumcision surgery have this belief that it is wrong to subject infants to this painful and disfiguring procedure, especially if it is not for religious or medical reasons. Such critics also believe that men uncircumcised whom practice proper hygiene can stay away from infections, penile cancer, and sexually transmitted diseases, without the need to opt for the surgery.

Along with these, it helps to keep away conditions like balanitis, phimosis, balanoposthitis, and paraphimosis.

The Circumcision Procedure

Today, circumcision surgery proceeds with the aid of local anesthesia, a practice that doctors in the past never implemented. In babies, doctors had this belief that circumcision would not cause them any sort of pain. However, modern doctors use local anesthesia as a routine practice, where they practice the surgery and offer some pain relief medications or drugs. Prior to the surgery, some surgeons also offer anti-anxiety medications such as Valium.

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Before the surgery proceeds, they use anesthetic creams to numb the area. They may also use some injections. They trim the foreskin away using the dorsal sleeve slit technique. In adult males, the incisions stop bleeding with electrocautery and close down with medical sutures, whereas newborns generally do not need sutures. In newborns, a plastic ring helps to keep the area safe from any risks of bleeding and enables proper healing of the incisions.

Most adult males can opt for the procedure in an outpatient center and they can resume their normal activities soon after. In order to recover, the circumcision surgery does not require any form of downtime from your work. There are mild itching and pain that soon subsides, in about a day or two. During the healing time, it is advisable that men should refrain from any form of sexual activity until the wound heals completely in order to prevent the rupture of the sutures.

A Minor Procedure with fewer Risks

Note that the circumcision surgery is a minor procedure and it is possible to perform it within a few hours (about an hour in adult men, and 30 minutes in infants). This surgical procedure carries few complications and risks. One of the risks is that you may not feel happy with the new appearance of the penis after the procedure.

Know that different surgical styles often result in a number of different looks. Usually, scarring is not much of a problem, unless the incisions are too far away from the penis glans. Some other rare, but possible complications include infection around the wound and excessive bleeding.

Routinely, babies who undergo this procedure are sent back home on the same day for recovery. In order to keep the wound clean, it is necessary to follow some follow-up care and wash the area at least three times in a day with some mild water and clean water. It is also advisable that you keep an eye out for any risks of infections or build up of smegma.

Note that recovery from the adult circumcision surgery does not take a long time. The wound heals at the same time and it may take about two weeks to adjust fully to the change in the sensations the foreskin causes. Before you opt for the circumcision surgery, it is advisable that you consult an experienced doctor in your area.

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