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Is it Normal for a Baby to have Acne or Pimples on his Face?

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Baby to have Acne

The arrival of a baby to the world is a very special moment, but also very delicate. Because he had never been outside the womb, the child is exposed to a large number of stimuli totally unknown to him. This contact with the environment can cause some problems in your skin, such as ‘salmon spots’ or hemangiomas.

In addition to these marks -which are very common- other reactions can also occur on your skin. An example is the so-called baby acne or miliary acne, which is characterized by the appearance of white or yellowish granites on the cheeks, nose, chin and/or forehead in the first days of life.

Although we generally associate the term ‘acne’ with adolescents, newborn babies may also suffer from it. As happens with young people, the pimples sprout because there is a buildup of fat on the skin, which is ‘trapped’ in the pores of the face.

For many parents, it is alarming to see their child’s face full of those small bumps. However, neonatal acne does not represent a risk to your health. It also does not cause pain or discomfort, nor is it likely to leave marks on your skin.

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Why do these Granites Appear?

Many people call this condition ‘milk granites’, although, in reality, they have nothing to do with feeding the baby. Miliary acne occurs both in children who drink formula and in those who drink breast milk. Similarly, it has not been proven that there is a relationship between the diet of the mother and the granites.

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The placenta is responsible since hormones are transferred from the mother’s body to the baby’s organism. This occurs shortly before birth and, once the baby reaches the world, these hormones stimulate the production of the sebaceous glands of the skin, which leads to the appearance of granites.

How are they Eliminated?

Miliary acne disappears on its own, once the baby’s body begins to regulate the production of fat. It is not advisable to apply any cream or medication, much less squeeze the pimples.

You just have to keep the area clean and fresh, to avoid an infection. Just wash your face with water and special baby soap, once or twice a day. Do not do it every time, because you could cause dryness. When drying your face do it gently and without rubbing too much, so as not to cause irritation.

Other Variants

If the pimples appear in the baby’s mouth and gums, then it is called ‘Epstein pearls’. These are small cysts that arise during the first days of life. They are harmless and do not cause pain; However, if they do not disappear in the first weeks, it is necessary to go to the doctor to rule out any other condition.

On the other hand, if the granites are red and/or appear in other parts of the body, it is likely to be an allergic reaction and not neonatal acne. In this case, it will be necessary to find out which product causes that rash (cream, soap, mom’s perfume, etc.) and check with the Child Specialist Doctor near to you if it is necessary to administer any medication.

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