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Special Delivery Tips for First-time mothers

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Pregnancy phase is the best phase for all the women, especially for first-time mothers. From the first month till 9th month, the expectant mother sees many changes in their body.  They learn so many new things by reading books and enhance their pregnancy knowledge.

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If you are living in a metro city like Delhi, the first thing is to find top 10 gynaecologists in Delhi and select the best one for delivery. Here we have shared special delivery tips for first-time mothers.

There are few stages you need to be prepared for

Early Labour

Not many women are able to recognize early labour. It is a common situation for first-time mothers. First, you should know that early labour happens when the cervix is less than 3 centimetres. Early labour last 8-12 hours and contraction last about 30-45 seconds giving you 5-10-minute rest. You can ask your doctor about the signs and symptoms for early labour.


To stimulate child delivery labour induction treatment is done. If labour does not start on its own, doctor use other technique for induction.  The doctor can practice many techniques like to use prostaglandins, use cervical ripening balloon, swipe membrane, rupture the membrane or use oxytocin. This is done in the situation when you have crossed your full time and your water bag is broken with no labour.

Comfort and Pain Management

Pain is a natural part of the delivery process; women have the strength to bear it. To release the pain there are many effective measures practiced during the labour like walking, water therapy, back massage or light massage on the abdomen, warm or cold compression, breathing techniques and much more. After reaching the active labour stage, nothing works to release the pain than delivery.

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This practice is no longer performed. It is usually performed at the second stage of labour for quick delivery. The surgical incision is performed under local anaesthetic.


This is done at the second stage of labour when the cervix is dilated to 10 CMS. Hold your breath and push long and hard with full energy. The upright position and squatting helps you to push the baby.  Doctor suggests perineal massage for normal delivery.

Breast feeding

It is very important to feed the baby 30 -60 minutes after the birth. As after 1-2 hours of delivery, baby feels sleepy. For the first time mothers, it is important to know how to hold and feed the baby.

Baby care

Your doctor will advise you how to take care of a new-born baby. Ask for all the information related to feeding, sleeping, bathing etc. You can also take guidance from elders or mothers about the baby care tips.

For safe delivery, you can book best pregnancy hospital in Delhi. These are few hard stages for which you need to be prepared in advance.  When the time comes near for delivery, expectant mothers get nervous. We hope with these tips you are less nervous now.

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