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9 must-have tools to fix electrical issues at home

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Every time you hear a bulb fuse or an electrical issue which needs to be dealt with immediately, what do you do? Do you call an electrician and wait for them to take care of the problem or look for your tools to manage a temporary fix till the experts arrive? Well, we are betting on the latter. Even for a temporary fix, you need the right set of tools to get the job done, and if you are wondering who can help you with it, worry no more and follow the post below for a curated list of the essential tools you need to store in your home right away. Read on.

  • Voltage checker

Before you start operating on the affected area, using a voltage checker will help you get a better idea about the electricity flow. All you have to do is put the checker’s pointed side inside the socket, and the device will indicate whether there is current or not. This process will keep you informed about the current and will prevent any mishappenings.

  • Wire strippers

The second tool on our list is the wire strippers. If you are looking for a tool to cut out insulation from a wire, wire stripper is the name for you. If you look at the tool closely, you will notice that it has numerous holes which are differently sized to handle different wires and it also has cutting teeth for efficient trimming. This one device alone can help you in various ways, so make sure you have in your electrical kit at all times.

  • Hammer

What can you do without a hammer? Whether it’s an electrical or non-electrical task, a hammer is a tool which is used all over the home to solve different purposes which makes it a necessity for your electrical kit.

  • Pliers

Every emergency electrician who you call for fixing your electrical problems will be carrying a variety of pliers with them which makes it a significant addition in your kit. Some of the pliers which you absolutely need in your bag are linesman pliers and side-cutting diagonal pliers as they help in bending, pulling and cutting wires effectively.

  • Screwdrivers
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With the right screwdriver by your side, you can rule the world, at least that what electricians believe and they are not wrong. Working with the right screwdriver will help you efficiently change outlets, plates and fix things with nuts which are about to fall apart. Screwdrivers are available in various sizes for different purposes so a little study about their uses will take you a long way.

  • Electrical tape

Electrical tape is explicitly used for binding wires and other electrical sockets, and so they are essential for your kit. It can be effectively used to cover and insulate tapes and since they are available in different colours, take your pick.

  • Tape measure

Do you want to figure out the right height for putting up a switch but don’t know how o measure it? We have just the right tool for you. With tape measure by your side, measurements will be a breeze. You can use it for field measurements, socket measurements and other such purposes.

  • Fish tape

Ever heard of fish tape? If yes, then we bet you already have such a great tool in your kit, and if not, then the fish tape is used to pull solid wire through metal and conduit. This tool makes such a tricky task pretty easy, so get your fish tape today.

  • Flashlight

You will never see an emergency electrician in coogee without a flashlight, and the reason is quite apparent. If it’s a short circuit or a bulb fuse, how do you expect to change wires and rectify the issue without any light? That’s when flashlight comes and works as your guiding light, literally.

With these nine items, you will have a ready to use electrical kit which will help you arrange for a temporary fix till you call in the experts. Also, share this post your friends as well and let us know how this kit helped you in desperate times.

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