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How To Make PMS Less Painful?

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PMS is the least favorite period of the month for any woman. This is because of the many unpleasant symptoms that occur, like cramping, bloating, constant mood switching, tension etc. And although there is no cure for PMS and it occurs differently to every woman, some lifestyle habits can cut down on the unpleasant symptoms.

Focus on a healthy diet!

Yes, you can fight PMS with the right food, so you should make sure of what you are eating. You should avoid salt-heavy food since it can cause bloating, you should lower the amount of caffeine you take because too much of it can cause anxiety. Alcohol is also bad for your PMS since it can worsen depression and also too much sugar can destabilize your blood sugar and result in mood switching. Try eating more fruits and vegetables, as well as low-fat yogurt, salmon, pumpkin seeds etc.

Exercise regularly

Exercising regularly will not only make you feel better and look better but will also ease the symptoms of PMS. A woman who exercises 2-3 times a week feels less cramping and tension in muscles, then the one who doesn’t exercise at all. And no need to worry, you can also exercise during your period. Just go for some lighter exercises, if you think you cannot be able to do them right.

Vitamins and minerals can help you too

A proper nutrition also requires an intake of vitamins and minerals. Certain vitamins and minerals can also ease the unpleasant symptoms of PMS. So, during these days in the month, you can try to take some vitamin C, B6, E as well as minerals such as magnesium and calcium.

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Take pain relievers if needed

If you have an unbearable pain that lasts for quite some you are allowed to take some pain relievers, like ibuprofen, naproxen, pamprin or midol. But try not to get used to them and see if you can bear the pain in some more natural way.

Camomile tea

Yes, a healthier alternative to pain relievers can be camomile tea. It is most often used to soothe nerves and help you fall asleep easily, but it can also do wonders for cramps. It may not get rid of the pain, but it can mitigate it for sure. Also, camomile tea is better for you stomach than the different pain relievers.

To sum up, symptoms of PMS occur differently to every woman. The above tips are just some of the many that can make them more bearable, so hopefully, you will find them useful.

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