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All You Need to Know About Pool Coping

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Building a swimming pool from scratch is not an easy task. It does not only require you to dig a big hole and fill it in with water. There are in fact many other factors that one has to pay attention to in order to construct a beautiful swimming pool which is pleasing to the eye and matches with the aesthetics of your home. For this, you are essentially required to pay attention to the details of the swimming pool and its surroundings like the tiles inside the pool, the lawn around the pool and other accessories.

What is Pool Coping?

It is also known as pool edging or pool edge pavers in the commercial world. It is the cap or edge, which the designers surface or decorate around the edges of the pool itself.

  • Whenever you see anyone inside the pool trying to hang on the top edge of the pool, they are hanging on the pool coping.
  • Coping is a general idea of covering the edges of the pool. It separates the surface of the ground from the pool and also protects the surface and walls of the pool. It requires a stable and straight surface to be laid on and function properly.
  • If it is installed properly, then the water that is flashed from the pool on the outside will again flow back into the pool through the deck drains installed as a part of the pool edge.
  • You can choose from different varieties of light or dark-colored sandstones. They come in various colors, shapes, and sizes so that the real estate developer or the house renovation expert can work with exact specifications.

Pool coping is generally laid around a layering of concrete to ensure the pavers safety. It is an unavoidable feature of the swimming pool and thus, has to be installed with great attention and safety.

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Pool Coping
Pool Coping

Types of Pool Edge Pavers

There are various types of profiles to choose from when it comes to pool edge pavers. However, one has to keep in mind that lawn area of their backyard, their surroundings, the size of the pool and some other factors while deciding the type they are actually looking for.

Drop down face: This is the type of profile, which is fitting if you are looking for a seamless finish. This kind of edging has a lip towards the edge of the pool, which covers the sharp edges of the pool and makes the water appear like a flush.

Square edged: As the name clearly suggests, this type of pool coping has edges which are in the square. This provides the edges and the pool with a clean finished look. It has a more contemporary look and fits with a classy aesthetic vibe. It is a very popular option and is a favorable consumer opinion.

Pool Coping
Pool Coping

Bullnose: This type of pool edging has a round and soft edge towards the pool. It is generally advised to homemakers who are looking for a more traditional look with a heritage finish. It is a favorable classic and is also in a popular demand. There are various variations under bullnose, which can be discussed with the contractor.

Tumbled edge: As the name suggests, the edged are quite rough, giving the pool a rustic look. This type of pool coping protects that walls and floors of the pool from recurrent watermarks and stains, and also enhances the overall beauty of your pool. The right coping can prevent overspill and spread to a damaging level.

Pool coping is one of the major essentials which have to be looked into while building a swimming pool. Thus, it is crucial to make wise decisions after thorough research.

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