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Gate Installation: Your Gateway To Happiness

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When it comes to remodeling an existing one, one always focuses on wall colors and furniture and often neglects to remodel the entrance gate. The entrance of the house or any building always makes the first impression, however, most of us ignore this aspect. A gate should seamlessly blend in with the interior and style of your home or commercial property. It should be installed keeping in the aesthetics of your premises in mind.  Gate installation can be done in residential as well as commercial buildings.



There are many ways to install a gate on your property. A gate installation in a residential property can be done to keep gardens, walkways, arbours, pools, driveways, dog kennels, etc. There are many things to consider while installing a gate at your property like whether it should be automatic or self-closing or self-latching or swinging. It is also important to choose the right material for your gate. Some material options are wood, aluminium, vinyl, chain link or wrought link.  It is advisable to go for wood as it will not catch rust like aluminium and sustains extreme weather conditions too.


These gate installations are mostly done in offices or commercial hubs. They control both functions first being an entry point and second being the security to a facility. These commercial buildings where such gates are installed can be hotels, office complexes, construction sites, warehouses and self-storage facilities. As this gate installation requires more sensitive screening it is advisable to use only high quality and durable products. It is advisable to get automatic gates for office spaces as they are accessed multiple times and require higher security measures.

There are a couple of questions you should ask yourself before you go for your gate installation. What type of gate are you looking for? Or what is the purpose behind buying these gates? Do you want automatic ones? Do you want a wood or a metal door? How durable is it? You must decide on the design and material after you have found the answer to all these problems. It must not only have decorative appeal but also stand the wear and tear and weather conditions.

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Here are a few things you should consider before going for gate installation

  • Purpose:

    What is the function of your gate, whether it is to block a doorway or a driveway or a small passage or it is a garden gate? Driveway gates are usually installed to increase the security of a building or premises. They can be automatic as well as manual. Although automatic gate provides a higher level of security than manual ones. These are usually between 5 to 6 feet in height. A garden gate, however, is installed for increasing the beauty of the space as well as a securing it at the same time. They can transition from an outdoor area to lawn decoration to providing safety for children. These gates are usually 3 to 4 feet tall.

  • Measurement:

    Before your gate installation it is important to measure the height and weight and other dimensions of your brickwork and walls. If you do not have a pillar installed it is more important to know the gap between the two pillars rather than the size of the gate. If it is hanging from a post, in other words, there are pillars or steel posts installed then simply take the measurement from top to bottom and the space between them.

  • Material:

    This depends on the functionality and the purpose of your gate installation. The most used materials are metal and wood. Fancy and ornate gates are usually made of metal which adds a unique look to your house or garden.

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