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Everything You Should Know About A Wooden Tea Tray

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Wooden Tea Tray

We all love to serve our guests snacks and beverages in a beautiful tray, don’t we? A unique tray not only attracts the attention of your house visitors, but it also reflects your refined taste. Before you decide to buy a serving tray, you should keep in mind several factors, such as the visual appearance of the tray, its utility feature as well durability. If you are looking for a change and want to try out something new that can surprise your guests, then you shouldn’t think twice about opting for a wooden tea tray. You can pick these types of trays to enhance your presentation and possess a good-looking tray that will complement your tableware. They usually look like handcrafted trays that hold greater aesthetic appeal. You can buy these trays in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors as per your choice. Below, we are going to discuss the factors to consider the popularity of wooden tea trays for your better understanding.

Four Distinct Ways Of Using Wooden Tea Tray: 

Wooden Tea Tray

  • Coffee Table Display: These types of wooden trays are designed extra wide to keep big coffee or tea mugs with ease. You can use this tray to serve a stack of books and a coffee mug as well. Its earthy look makes it an exception, as its appearance blends with the coffee mug. The natural surface of the wooden tray is a perfect choice for a coffee table display.
  • Kitchen Décor: These trays can also be gifted to your friends at housewarming parties. The excellent texture of the tray makes it an ideal choice for every kitchen. You can use it as a decorative item to store utility kinds of stuff or mementos too. This tray is a priceless possession that will add an extra layer of beauty to your home or kitchen.
  • Organizer: Some people use this tray as an organizer as its simple yet great craftsmanship makes it a perfect item to hold your accessories like jewelry, perfumes, or keys. It can act as a perfect organizer to keep all your stuff in an orderly fashion. There are times where we end up losing our keys or hairpin. Gone are those days you can use these wooden trays to keep these items safe and easily accessible at times of need.
  • Wall Décor: The unique style and rustic appeal of the wooden trays can conveniently adorn the walls of your house or kitchen. These trays are durable and engraved with personal messages as per your preferences. The unique selling point of these trays is their distinct finishing and wooden frames. If you want great décor with a fabulous style, you can easily use these trays for it.
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Things You Should Consider Before Purchasing A Wooden Tea Tray:

Wooden Tea Tray

  • Choose The Right Material: There are different types of trays available in the market. However, choosing the ideal tray will depend on your utility and personal preferences. A perfect wooden tea tray may not be able to bear the weight of the teacups and snacks sometimes. Alternatively, a wooden tea tray comes designed with a unique look, and its simplicity and functionality make it a perfect choice to entertain your guests.  Wooden tea trays are easy to maintain and can endure daily wear and tear with ease. It can also keep your stuff organized and does not absorb any spilled liquid.
  • Look For The Perfect Finish:   When you are purchasing a tea tray, look for its finish. The finishing protects the wooden tray from any sort of scratch or damage. This is the reason why you must opt for a lacquered finish tray. It will not only add quality to the tray but will also help you avoid any stains. A proper finish makes the tray more sustainable and easy to clean.
  • Sides And Handles: This is another important factor that you must not ignore. Some people prefer their wooden tray with handles and sides, whereas others don’t. Having sides and handles reduces the chances of your drink spilling over and also helps you to carry the trays around with hassle-free movement. There are a variety of handles that come in a number of sizes and shapes.  Also, if you want raised sides or cut-out handles, make sure you buy that type of product for your convenience.


Make sure you keep the above pointers in mind while selecting the best wooden tray in the market. Designed beautifully with elevated handles, a wooden tea tray can be a perfect fit to serve your friends, family, or acquaintances.

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