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4 Home Trends to Rule 2018

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Design trends change over time and so does architecture. They don’t emerge almost eventually as in food or fashion industry but demographics; economy and environment all matter a lot. The choices of designs, materials, layout and construction methods for single and multifamily units also help in making a choice over design trends for off plan properties.

We’ve defined a few that’ll cope with environmental challenges, latest building methods and materials as well as aesthetics and functionality of our homes. The information below comes from top designer and architects so you should definitely pay attention!

  1. Resilient & sustainable homes

Gradual increase in global climate change pressure means all constructions must be able to withstand natural disasters. Because our natural resources are falling substantially, having sustainable and strong structures has never been more important. Industry veterans are finding new techniques and materials to meet the challenges for the development of off plan properties.

Many foreign construction companies follow building codes that redefine engineering and provide brawly structures, far more resilient against the worst weather conditions; even twice more powerful than today’s building codes! The trend is making a greater use of natural resources that generate clean energy which gives you double the power and less spending.

This increased durability of the buildings can save more lives, cost to rebuild would be pared and lower insurance premiums. With the rising sea level and unpredictable climate all around the world, it’s important for construction companies to pay close attention to the advance materials and methods thus ensuring maximum safety.

  1. The classic style & affordability

Home owners are always looking for absolute quality and luxurious materials but, they should know that finest choices aren’t always cheap. There’s a trend of stone over brick, clapboard and vinyl but not everyone can afford it. The cost of construction and material for off plan properties is rising whereas the demand for less expensive alternatives is also surging.

For instance, rather than solid stone fronts, architects may go for stone veneer and drywall instead. Terra-cotta is another excellent option, timeless yet expensive however looks extremely beautiful when applied over manufactured panels. These are comparably inexpensive choices that give a home modern aesthetics.

  1. Drought consciousness
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El-Nino continues to rain havoc across the U.S. and many other parts of the world especially with severe droughts. California faced the worst drought in history that makes water consumption more expensive and limited. Water-preserving fixtures such as low-pressure showerheads and toilets have become a standard and mandatory in some areas due to severe condition. Meteorologists predicted that although El-Nino is weakening, it isn’t the last so developers need to plan such homes and buildings with integrated water saving reservoir or system.

Water consumption is as much as important as electricity and unfortunately, the situation is getting dire with population increase. Consumption demand has increased and it’s up-to both environmentalists and home developers to come up with smart irrigation sensors, grey water recycling plants, harvest rainwater and compositing toilets.

  1. Digitised manufacturing mode

With expanding choice of colour textures, size, looks and quality material for home design, glass seems to be in conjunction with the modern manufacturing technology especially with off plan properties. The 3D manufacturing what we usually refer to as the third industrial revolution brought forward an array of readily available materials; rather an inexpensive choice as compared to the more expensive ones.

The new glass manufacturing technique makes it possible to incorporate patterns and etched surfaces directly over the surface. Following the method, glass can also be produced with integral LED lighting that adds sophistication and enhance illumination.

The fine combination of glass and LED is one technique that produces a sustainable material that’s sturdy, energy efficient, stunningly beautiful and practical. It’s an excellent choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops whereas you’ve the option to customise with granite or laminate.


These are only a few out of many budding trends when it comes down to modern home design features that would dwell in 2018 and likely beyond!

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