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How Cloud Computing Emerged in Recent Years?

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Despite all the social, political and economic turmoil, one thing that’s unaffected and continuing its journey beyond skies is technology. Each day something new is discovered, something that revolutionised the very existence of mankind in an optimistic way, shedding light to the unexplored phenomenon! Speaking of technology, it already has profound impact on everyone’s life in such a way that nobody seems to notice the big change.

Where businesses once rely on pile of paper dominating work desks, today there’s just one small computer and all your office chores are done with push of a button. Adding to the world of IT isn’t somewhat exceptional but has been around for years still; no matter how much research and debate is done, it’s simply not enough! None other than public cloud that totally changed the very meaning of “advance IT”. Let’s have a look and see its growth in recent years.

Cloud computing: Redesigning IT infrastructure
Just as it sounds, cloud computing is merely doing work over the internet and saving clusters of data on virtual drives known as cloud servers. Travelling back to a few years when people depended on physical storage disks or servers to run their programs, emergence of this new technology removed all this hassle.

From individual to multi-tier business corporation, all are giving public cloud thumbs up! You can easily access data regardless of physical location and need for a server; a reliable internet connection would suffice though.

Cost effective
No matter how much religious, social and caste differences exist between people; a common dogma of all is to get the best service in budgeted price which public cloud offers. It helps businesses save valuable money in many ways like; no need for physical storage drives, no separate office space to man large devices and simply bid farewell to that costly technician who charged thousands for a teensy glitch! Simply register yourself with a reliable cloud service provider and leave all maintenance tasks to them. Now that’s saving!

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Core business operations & data reliability
Another benefit for business enterprises is they don’t have to solve hundreds of online riddles just to access a file, only a few clicks and you get what you need without any hassle. When introduced, cloud computing did faced some security issues as user data fell into wrong hands or you can say smart cyber criminals however that problem has long been solved.

Support, performance & upgrades
System crashes, bug infiltration, a program stops working when you’re on the verge of completing your assignment is most common yet annoying. Such issues may sound insignificant but at times can be quite devastating. With public cloud, you can counter these setbacks as all vital applications and software are updated automatically depending on internet reliability that is.

Resilience & redundancy for small businesses
Such benefits aren’t only limited to full scale enterprises but small businesses share equal part. Resilience and redundancy; these two terms as small as they sound are very crucial for all firms especially when digital data is concerned! Cloud networking platform is considered more resilient against common failures, providing innovative storage solutions, safe accessibility and less downfall.

Technology works in a way that you’re connected to many different platforms at a same time so any glitch in one would automatically transfer you to another without disruption. Meanwhile, service providers get engaged immediately in critical analysis of the problem till its resolves.

The file types
Office documents and presentations, multimedia files, music, videos and almost everything that you used to store on flash drives can be transferred and accessed from cloud servers anytime, anywhere. Storage limit depends on service provider and what you’re paying for it. Higher the budget, bigger the volume and vice versa!

After going through all the info provided above, it’s pretty much clear where cloud computing stands today and its ever increasing need in future.

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