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Doctors and Their Specialization

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I can still recall the time when I was young and wanted to change the world by doing something incredible and unique. I wanted to be like a superhero similar to the characters in the Marvel or DC universe. Little did I know back then that all of those were just fictional characters and did not resemble any person living or dead.

I would like to share an incident which happened in my locality. There was a medical emergency in my neighborhood around 1 is at night where an old man had a cardiac arrest. As the young members of the house were not present at that very moment, all the men who were present in the neighborhood came to help on a single call from the old women present in the house. The old man was instantly rushed to the nearby hospital where his condition was critical. But by God’s grace, he was back to his healthy life, thanks to the attentive doctors who saved his life even at the dark of midnight. It was then I realized the true meaning of a hero. Doctors are the lifesavers on this earth. They are sent by God for assisting the humanity.

We are aware of the term doctor as a medical practitioner who aids ailments, yes he assists in medical conditions, but there is more to it. There are various specializations in Doctors which we can elaborate further.


Ayurveda is considered to be the oldest methods of medical treatment. The doctors in this field are well versed with the knowledge of the medicinal herbs and shrubs. The duration of the course for Ayurveda is also four years along with the additional 1-year internship which you have to complete to get your degree certificate. It is compulsory to complete the internship as it helps in better understanding of the implication of the acquired knowledge. The process of treatment is slightly different in Ayurveda as it includes certain restrictions in diets. You have to maintain a perfect diet and proper schedule for the practical result of the medicines. Ayurveda can cure all of the ailments which do not require surgery provided that they need time.

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Allopathic treatment is the most common and effective way of treatment. The professionals who are into this are with a qualified degree of MBBS. They are thorough with the knowledge about the cause and effect of the disease/disorder and know the active treatment. In this, there are many branches which are called their specializations. Like Dentist, Gynaecologist, Physiologist, etc. You need to develop an envelope of trust with your patient. Like Dr mark walker who is a well-known dentist in the Canadian region, you should also maintain a reputation for success. Dr. Mark Walker Dentist is known for his humble yet passionate attitude. A doctor needs qualities like these to gain the trust of the patient, to make patient free of stress so that he/she explains the ailment without any fear. Failing which the patient might hide the critical information needed and it will be difficult for the doctor to suggest any medical treatment.

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