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Citizenship by Investment: A hazel free way to obtain second citizenship

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Obtaining second nationality has become an international trend. Political unrest situations in the home country and business and career growth are few of the primary reasons dragging people attention towards acquiring second nationality. There are number of ways to obtain nationality of a foreign country. Candidates can select the most suitable way to obtain passport of second country. From choosing a long term employment to getting married with a native in a foreign country and possessing ancestors and parents belong to a foreign country are few of the most common ways to obtain native rights.

Though these are the sure ways to obtain second nationality, everyone is not luck enough to avail these options. Those who are in the dire need of second nationality to open up doors of visa free traveling and investment opportunities but unable to fulfill the mentioned prerequisites can still obtain nationality of a foreign country. Citizenship by investment is one of the secure and hazel free ways to acquire second residency.

Investment residency programs are beneficial not only for applicants but also fruitful for the host country. Funds and investments obtained from applicants can be utilized to develop infrastructure, real estate and industrial sectors across the country. This is why more countries, especially smaller Caribbean countries are introducing investment based programs. St Kitts and Nevis economic citizenship by investment is a practical example of this approach.

What are the important steps these countries are taking to captivate foreign investors?

As you can see a number of countries across the world are offering economic placement for foreigners; to become the preferred choice of maximum number of loyal prospects, state government of these countries are making purposeful efforts. To win trust of applicants, these countries have legally authorize these programs and  implemented several measures and benefits like tax breaks, relaxed reporting requirements, native rights to live, study and work in the country. Depending on their personal desires, applicants are also allowed to become a permanent resident and ultimately become the legal citizen of a foreign country.

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What applicants should know about the territory before applying for the residency?

Though technically investment based programs involve investing specific amount of money, applicants must pay attention to understand the regulations and requirements of country they have chosen. Depending on the country they have selected, they may be requested to complete residency requirements.  In addition to specific requirements, there is a list of general requirements; applicants have to fulfill to obtain citizenship by investment.

What are the general requirements of economic placement?

Irrespective of the country you are applying for residency, economic citizenship by investment has certain requirements. You will either investing a minimum amount of money in Governmental funds or investment in specific industries. Investments often involve purchasing real estate property or investment in a government authorized hotel development project.

As you are investing a significant amount of money, you will need to show the proof that funds are obtained from lawful sources. Acceptable lawful sources include personal savings, employment salary, mortgage and property rent. If you fail to proof that funds are not obtained from lawful source, your application will be rejected.

Many countries prefer to choose skilled immigrants to avail economic benefits. If you fall under the same category, you will need to submit the proof of managing a commercial enterprise or project.

Endnote: St Kitts and Nevis economic citizenship by investment is the easiest way to obtain second nationality. It only requires investment of money obtained from lawful resources.

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