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Famous for its cuisine and culture, Morocco is also home to a number of breathtakingly beautiful beaches. Between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, this country has one of the most beautiful coastlines of the region and hosts many tourists attracted by its paradisiacal beaches.

Between El Jadida and Safi El Haouzia, located about 10 kilometers from El Jadida and only 1 kilometer from Azemmour, is a wild sandy beach. Stretching nearly 17 kilometers, it is very clean and quiet, ideal for walkers amateurs of nature and in search of serenity. Oualidia, about 65 kilometers from Safi, is a lagoon located in a beautiful setting, ideal for practicing water sports. Left by tourists, this beach of about 3 kilometers is perfect for strolling and relaxing, while sipping local oysters. Lalla Fatna, surrounded by imposing cliffs and sheltered from the wind, attracts mainly swimmers and fishermen.

Around Essaouira

All the beaches on the Atlantic coast around Essaouira are very clean and protected by rocks. Unknown to tourists, they are generally very popular Morocco family Holidays and swimming is monitored. Essaouira car rental allows you to discover them one by one

The beach of the entrance of the city extends into a protected sandy bay about 10 kilometers wide. If the water stays fresh in summer, sports enthusiasts appreciate the nautical club which offers activities and rental of surfing equipment, windsurfing or kitesurfing.  Sidi Kaouki is located about 20 kilometers south of Essaouira in a beautiful setting that makes surfers happy. It also has a campsite and a restaurant that welcome visitors. Enjoying very mild temperatures, it exudes tranquility and relaxation.

Agadir and surroundings

The beach of Agadir attracts a lot of tourists every summer and is recommended for swimming. Its sandy beach of fine gold which stretches for 10 kilometers, its cleanliness and waters softer than elsewhere ensure its success among lovers of idleness under the sun.  Tifnit is a small wild beach surrounded by dunes and sheltered from the wind which is 40 kilometers from Agadir and mainly hosts local families. There is artisanal fishing and it is even possible to buy grilled fish on the beach. Taghazout is located 19 kilometers north of Agadir and offers a festive atmosphere on the edge of the most pleasant water. Surfing lessons are available and it is easy to find a hotel nearby. It is easily accessible, especially with the car hire in Agadir.

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At the border of the Sahara

A true gem of Morocco, the coastline at the southern tip of the country flirts with the vast desert spaces of the Sahara and the beaches of the region are as wild as they are breathtaking. Lovers of nature and tranquility will be dazzled by their unique and authentic charm.  Dakhla, a true haven of peace, is a lagoon nestled in the middle of hundreds of kilometers of beach widely deserted by tourists and where nature has remained intact. A perfect place for relaxation, it is ideal for strolling and observing the sunsets.  Legzira, one of the most impressive sites in Morocco, is located 150 kilometers from Agadir, between the cities of Mirleft and Sidi-Ifni.

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