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Top 10 Ways to Travel the World within your Budget

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Our world has become smaller and smaller over the years. It is shrinking at an alarming rate as we develop supersonic jets and bullet trains to defy time and space. Of course, the land is not actually getting smaller and once you land somewhere you can live life king size.  Travel… around the world… puts a newfound zest in a flagging routine lifestyle cause of early burnout. You need to enjoy all the moolah you are generating day in and day out. Instead of opening your laptop on a plane, take a window seat, sit back and simply gaze out over clouds and vistas. The immensity will eventually get to you and drive out the closed up spaces inside of you.

But not everyone has access to a lot of dough to fritter it away on travel. However, visitors, tourists and travelers are innovating ways and means to walk and enjoy landscapes first hand. They may have a very small amount of money but that won’t stop them. You too can learn to travel on a shoestring budget, making do with meager requirements and negligible expenses. Best times traveling are often when you spend least!

  1. Book your flight months ahead

Skyscanner shows cheapest months to book vacations are November and May offseason. Booking as soon as it is available gets you cheapest rates.

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  1. Look out for package deals

Save money on package trips. You never know how less popular destinations will affect you!

  1. Go for transitional periods

Choose period in-between seasons to save big time. Weather is still acceptable with bonus of less crowds and locals charging less. Makes your visit less expensive.

  1. Learn to cook on the road
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You don’t need to eat out all the time. Cook local produce yourself. Enjoy fresh, delicious homemade simple foods. Takes care of your health needs and prevents travel budget from evaporating!

  1. Turn it into a work holiday

Combining business and pleasure can be a heady combination. Work to travel, travel to work. Enjoy unplanned holiday leisure at your work destination! Conferences and attending meetings abroad is all about office politics. Accept to go where others don’t not to go.

  1. Aim to work remotely

Find a job that will take you far away. It can be a great opportunity for best experience of a lifetime. Corporates offer programs such as Remote Year.

  1. The more, the merrier

Take more people along. Divide expenses! Division gives you the least individual figures. Travel with a group or make up your own group!

  1. Barter your way up

If you’ve seen The Holiday (2006) Hollywood movie where two women troubled with guy-problems swap homes in each other’s countries, I need say no more! All the best. Have a promising, adventurous time!

  1. Avoid tourist traps

If you are worried about getting your money’s worth, avoid tourist traps. Being on vacation is no excuse to indulge in excesses.

  1. Focus on what’s free

The best things in life are for free! Our world offers plenty of things to see do and enjoy 100% free! Travel with minimum costs to visit incredible places. Enjoy local scenery and culture at least expenses.

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