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A Few Things To Know About Custom Made Canopies

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Custom Made Canopies

When we refer to the word canopy, then it usually means something that provides coverage and safety from the external environmental conditions. Well, in this blog, we are referring to the customized canopy, which works as a marketing tool.

With canopies, people would make tents previously. But the architectural canopies have much more at their disposal nowadays. The canopies have evolved in recent times, and we find a wide array of applications of the same. One such usage is on the cabs and light and heavy vehicles. These canopies are usually made up of metal like aluminum, which makes them highly durable. In this blog, we will be unfolding the conventional canopies and the various customization available in the market.

What is the Custom Made Canopy?

Custom made canopy indicates the canopies which are customized as per the requirement of the customer. This customization can be in the color, style, designing, and choice of materials. There are many companies that provide these services, and you can pick the one who can match up o your expectations. Custom made canopies come under many variations- star tents, arch tents, crest marquees, and inflatables. You can also make your canopy undergo state-of-the-art printing so that your individuality is maintained.

Some of the examples of Custom Made Canopy

  • Star tents: Star tents are shaped into a star. They are made to cover a considerable area nonetheless. The star tents are a distinct favorite of people who like to hold functions outdoors. The star tents also come in different materials and prints as per the liking of the customers. You can also get them embellished with lights and logos to make it more attractive.
  • Crest marquees: One of the common types of canopies that you can find out there are the crest marquees. They are known to provide bespoke designs to match the mood of the entire set-up. These are a perfect choice for parties and outdoor gathers.  You can customize them as per your requirement for creating an ambiance of sophisticated settings for any events. These are professionally designed marquees that make all the difference when installed.
  • Inflatable marquees: Inflatable marquees are designed in a manner so that they create a sizeable stage cover. It is one of the choicest designs in custom made canopy family. The key feature of this design is that it is highly portable. It can be inflated and folded back after use. Inflatable canopies can fit into small storage spaces and makes for a great use in events and parties. They are, however mostly used as stage covers and is widely seen in many performance events. One can also bedeck the entrance of these canopies to give their event a different feel. The best part about inflatable canopies is that they come in different shapes and sizes. One can have bespoke design if one chooses so.
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Key points to consider before going ahead with Custom Made Canopy

Custom made canopies are primarily used as marketing tools, and if you too are looking for adding them to your event, then you must consider the following points:

  • Check the reputation of the vendor: Since you will be hiring the canopies or purchasing it, make sure that the vendor is of high repute and can do the kind of customization you are opting for.
  • Portfolio: When it comes to custom made canopies, then there can be several variations in the same. Based on your requirements, the company should be able to embody the same while customizing. You must check the previous experience of the company in the same and also the kind of customization they have done previously.
  • Costing: When you are out there to choose custom made canopy providers, you must compare the costing. This can vary from company to company, and hence, you must make the necessary comparison before signing the deal.
  • The material of the canopy: The seller must make use of the right kind of material for making canopies. It should be durable and long-lasting. Since you will be using it for outdoor events, it becomes important that the material of the canopy is good.

Custom made canopies are widely used in events and parties. They grab eyeballs with their distinct styles and designs. There are fewer concerns about custom made canopies than the others as one can get the canopy designed as per their liking. Custom made canopies are all the rage this season for obvious reasons.

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