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Tips For Choosing The Right Wardrobe Door

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So, if you are wondering what you need to buy a new wardrobe for your room because your old one is pretty busted. Then you are reading the right space. But you are indecisive over what to buy. We’ve got you covered mate do not worry!

Now before you decide on what you want to buy you have to consider a few things –

  • Budget – Yes, your budget an important factor that will decide on how you want your wardrobe to be. If you want a good quality, then do not get worried about spending a little bit more on the wardrobe. Because it will last you a long period of time and provide enough space to keep your clothes.
  • Size of your room – The second thing you need to remember is how big your wardrobe should be. If you have the small bedroom, consider buying something that will fit in your room and is also spacious enough for your things.
  • Style – Everyone’s style is unique, and you should never choose a piece of furniture that is completely different from yours. It is you who must make the decision considering whether you prefer functionality or aesthetics or both.

Now that we have got these points covered, it is time for us to understand the types of wardrobe doors available in the market. Technically speaking there are two kinds of wardrobe doors – Sliding wardrobe doors and hinged wardrobe doors. Both have their own advantages. It is up to you to weigh those and come to a decision.

Advantages of Owning a Sliding Door Wardrobe

  • Aesthetics – Sliding wardrobe doors have that sleek and elegant finish. It might have a mirrored door or plain, doesn’t matter – it looks aesthetic besides giving your room that touch of modernism.
  • Maximise Your Room Space – Sliding wardrobe doors create marvelous storage space for your room. There is no amount of space that gets wasted inside your wardrobe. A sliding wardrobe will always make great use of any wall in your bedroom. Because of the ability to slide, it becomes convenient for you to reach any nook or cranny in your wardrobe.
  • Customise It – You can always customize your wardrobe. Give that finishing touch to your wardrobe to make it look beautiful and sleek. You can choose from a variety, be it lacquered glass, mirrors or just wood. You could never go wrong with your choice.
  • Get Organised – Sliding wardrobe doors takes up a whole wall which is why it makes things so easy to organize. All those extra shelves could pretty much shelter your hats, bags, blankets, shoes, and accessories. Hence, eliminating the need for other unnecessary furniture.
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Advantages of Hinge Door Wardrobes

Now that you have read about the advantages of sliding door wardrobes, there are a few advantages of hinge door wardrobes too. They are…

  • Improved Visibility – Unlike sliding doors, hinged doors have this added advantage of you being able to see the entire wardrobe in one glance. When you have a sliding door wardrobe, one side gets completely blocked.
  • A large Number of Choices – As opposed to sliding doors, hinged doors have a wide variety of choices. You wouldn’t have to worry about finding the one that would suit your style because there are plenty of choices.
  • Smaller in Size – These wardrobes are comparatively smaller in size and therefore have the added advantage of easily being installed in a corner.

Now that you have read about the advantages of the Sliding wardrobe doors, the final choice is up to you. Sliding doors save a lot of space and help in the best utilization of it too.

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