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Few things you should know about Civil Asphalt Services

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Asphalt Service means providing commercial paving and residential paving but most of the times it is just not restricted to these two fields but is much more than building sidewalks and buildings roads. Civil Asphalt service contractors provide numerous services like road stripping, overlapping, repairs and few more construction paving works.

Commercial Paving Services 

If a company is well versed with the work and has a good reputation, it will offer great services for public places like hospitals, schools, public parks, public parking places and many other places. The services would include construction of staircases, sidewalks, speed breakers, parking blocks, handrails etc. Civil Asphalt service just doesn’t have construction work but they offer repairing and replacement of damaged commercial properties too which also means repairing pot holes and cracks on the road.

The common paving services do not provide the facilities for demolition or excavation but these facilities are commonly provided under Civil Asphalt services. There are also numerous services related to roads like painting on the road, making zebra crossing, providing parking lots, markings on the road and many more. Their service just doesn’t end there, they have much more than that and most of the Civil Asphalt service contractors who are expert in their profession provide many additional services to the customers via big professional and highly established paving services.

Steps in the Installation of Asphalt

A road paved with asphalt can remain strong and durable for almost 15 years. Asphalt is a material which has the property of being durable and resilient and it also has a very low maintenance cost. Process of installing asphalt is not difficult but it needs heavy weighted equipments for its installation that a household might not posses. Thus, there are contractors who provide Civil Asphalt service that a household cannot do it themselves.

  • Contractor: A contractor needs to be found who has a good reputation, can do the job properly and should have proper equipments that are needed for paving the roads with asphalt. One should always check the quality of the material that is going to be used and see whether the work is done properly or not.
  • Excavation of the current road driveway: This includes removal of the current concrete pieces from the roads or breaking the road into gravels and then collecting them.  The surface of the road should be very dry and it should be free from oil and even grease.
  • Grading driveway slope: This is the main step while providing civil asphalt service. The driveway should be properly graded to have a proper drainage system and prevent from collapsing. One must keep this in mind that the road before installing asphalt should be completely dry.
  • Compact the base soil: Heavy weighted twin drum roller is used to level the soil. This is also an important step, compacting of soil is really important. The civil asphalt service contractors will mostly use a 1-ton roller to compact the soil and they will make sure that the level of land is completely flat.
  • Covering the base soil with crushed rock: Here, a very specific type of crushed rock should be used. This is done to have a proper drainage system. The rock used for the road should be jagged and coarse, they are profoundly known as road base mix. Different amount of road base mix is needed depending upon the soil. If the soil is clayey then 8 inches of road base mix is needed and it the soil is sandy, 4 inches is required.
  • Packing up of soil: This is the last step where the dry road is packed up with crushed rocks and it is left to dry for a week, as it takes about a week to settle.

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