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Unpleasant things you might be doing in a taxi which needs to stop right now

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This might not sound good to you, but we all have some annoying habits which makes us a really bad person in front of the cab driver when we travel by cabs. Can you imagine that there are people who don’t behave with the cab drivers as they are humans too, and throw all their frustration at them in one way or the other. This has to stop! If you are someone who travels by cab frequently then follow the post below and live by it to raise your standards of humanity.

1. Backseat driving

Hearing from the drivers, one of the most annoying things a passenger can do is constantly backseat. Would you appreciate someone hovering over you and telling you what to do at your job desk? No, right? Well, same is the case with taxi drivers. You are welcome to inform them about short cuts or briefly guide them to your destination, (if needed) but if you continually drive from the back, then you lose your respect instantly.

2. Making out at the back

Yes, we understand that while you are travelling with a person whom you madly love and want to get closer to them as soon as possible, making out in someone’s car is no excuse for your reckless behaviour. If you have the patience to wait till you reach your destination then it’s fine, otherwise don’t take a cab in the first place! Yes, you have hired the cab for your convenience but as explained by the best taxi service in Melbourne, reckless sexual behaviour is not acceptable! Learn to hold your horses mate.

3. Ill-treatment

Just like you work to earn a livelihood, same is the case with any taxi driver which means that you owe a driver respect when he is on duty and helping you reach your destination. Talking trash, whistling to call a cab and not even addressing the person with a courtesy hello are some of the ways in which knowingly or unknowingly you are mistreating your cab driver. Once you board the cab, a courtesy hi won’t hurt right and instead of yelling at him if he goes the wrong way, simply telling them the right correctly would suffice.

4. Extremely drunk

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We appreciate the fact that because you had a few drinks, you want to obey laws and take a cab instead of driving, but if you are out-of-your-senses drunk, there is no appreciation left for you! Since you are not in your senses you don’t know how you treated the driver which is why you should ask you friend or someone known to drive you home. If that’s not possible then either travel with a sane person who could book silver service taxi Melbourne and guide the driver too or stay in enough senses to reach home without a chaos.

5. Eating in the cab

Imagine yourself travelling with some kids. Now how would you like if they are sitting in the back seat, eating their favourite snacks and littering your car? You will be angry, right? Well, when you sit in the back, eat and litter a driver’s car he stops thinking of you as a responsible person and only thinks of you as an annoying kid. While you are travelling in someone else’s car, you have to make sure that no damage or litter is your doing. Ask the driver for the permission if you have to eat something otherwise wait till you reach your destination.

Whether you are taking a Melbourne taxi service to airport or you are taking a cab to reach your office, treat your drivers with respect and keep the above points in mind so the driver remembers you, with good memories.


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