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Follow these steps to get maximum value out of your old cars!

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You are financially stable and want to buy a new car. But what exactly do you do to your old vehicle? Sell it? Auction it? Or go in for a dealer’s trade? Old cars are both a physical and mental burden. The process of selling your old car may seem quite cumbersome but it actually takes a great degree of planning and organisation if you wish to get the maximum possible value out of that vehicle. While you may look for a dealer’s trade-in and leave the hassles to him, you will have issues regarding the low price of the car.  Well don’t worry these steps will guide you in driving out maximum value for your old car.

Look out for service records

If you have serviced your car timely and have kept a record of the services it surely increases the selling price of the vehicle in all probability. Buyers look for authorised service centre records before buying a used vehicle. Look out for repairs that you may have to carry out and make sure you keep the receipts of all the repair job done handy with you.cost-benefit analysis

Do a thorough cost-benefit analysis of the situation whether repair cost are actually worth spending and will award you a higher resale value. You need to determine whether you will be able to increase the selling price of the car enough to recoup the cost of those repairs. At times minor repairs do increase the value of your car and you often get a good deal.

Look for Original paperwork

If you have the original papers with you then it’s almost like half the battle won. It gives the buyer an assurance which automatically helps in getting a better value. No buyer would want to get into illegal selling and would want authenticated documents.

Also, make sure you have original insurance papers and warranty cards with you. If your vehicle was ever involved in an accident make sure you are honest about it to the buyer. Deceiving the buyer would eventually make him lose trust in you and you might lose out on a genuine deal. You don’t want do that right!!

Keep the vehicle in proper condition

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If you have broken parts, too many dents, or worn out tires consider repairing or replacing them. It will add to the value of your car and help in getting a better deal for you. A clean and well maintained car looks better in advertising photos so make sure you wax and polish the interior as well as the exterior of the vehicle.

Also, vacuum the interiors and clean all the glass in and out.

You must keep in mind that it is not a good idea to go for too many costly repairs as it would not be worth in the end.

Advertise you deal

Advertising is one of the major steps you could take to get the best deal. Click some good photos of your vehicle and post them on social media and other public places. Potential buyers are always on the lookout. In order tap the best buyer you must make your ad reach to largest possible audience.

Negotiate the price

Never forget to negotiate the price with car wreckers in Adelaide. The art of negotiation often comes into play in getting the maximum value out of your car. If you settle for the buyer’s quote then you lose on the opportunity of getting a better value. So don’t lose out on the aspect of negotiation.

Take help from professional wreckers

In the end, if the condition of your car is way too bad then it might not be a worthy idea to sell it to an individual. Reach out to Truck wreckers in Adelaide for help. They will give you decent value in exchange for your scrap car, which is just a piece of junk for you.

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