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Making the Right Choices for Used Pallet Racking

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Pallet rack is a storage system designed to store supplies on pallets, and the storage system allows all kinds of storage of palletized materials. The materials can be stored in horizontal rows with multiple levels. Selective pallet racking is the most common pallet racking system used today. Pallets are costly and if your requirements are low then you should buy used pallets. By having pallets in your transport business or supply chain business you can reduce injuries at a site.

There is a huge range of both new and used pallet racking available on the market, and it certainly is not easy to decide which is right for you. After all, picking the wrong pallet racking system would mean an expensive mistake.

Used Pallet Racking


When Looking for The Used Pallet Racking

The advantage with used pallet racking system is that there is a good and easy availability. However, the challenge lies in looking for the right racking system for your needs.

  • Get the right size – The pallet racking system should carry the right capacity to meet your needs. After all, ensure that you get good value for money as you are paying for the space you use. Look at the height and depth of the system and ensure that it is suitable for the material you plan to use.
  • Look at the accessories – You might need some accessories such as mesh decks and safety bars. Think about the accessories and make sure that they are included as these are very important for upholding a safe racking system.
  • Check out the legal considerations – Every country has legal considerations to ensure that the working environments are safe. So, anyone who has the authority carries a legal responsibility to ensure that the person is safe from any harm. Any failure to do so could mean legal charges.
  • Check all components – It is essential to see that all the components are of the same sizes and brand f interlocking compatibility. Sometimes wrong sizes can get mixed together and it can be worse or significant setback when one finds that out during an installation can be a setback. Thus, check out the used pallet racking brands beforehand to ensure compatibility with your system.
  • Ensure safety – As the racking systems support hundreds of thousands of pounds of material, it is essential to pay attention to the design and installation of the system. Any defect would mean compromising with the safety of the system and could lead to fatal results with a total system failure.
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Used Pallet Racking

What Else to Look in The Used Pallet Racking?

It would be beneficial if one gets the pallet racking system evaluated by an engineer and get it approved by him. There are many factors to consider like if the components of the used pallet racking have been compromised in any way. Getting the documentation related to the original capacities is very essential.

Keep an eye on if the beams or frames are overloaded or have been exposed to chemical spills or if the beam connectors are twisted or bent. Inspect the components and wild for signs of repair or breakage. One must always consider repair and replacement in case they come across any damage to the used racking. Follow the in-depth racking inspection process to make sure that you use only quality racking system.

As used pallet racking is often poorly bundled, it is common to see damaged products and broken bundles on arrival. Get ready to pay for substantially costs for increased loading and unloading as well as transport. However, if one ensures that the racking is in good condition, they can keep those setbacks away. Moreover, it is essential for the safety of your employees.

Short-term decisions and ignoring the essential aspects of racking systems can be detrimental for any business. Make well informed and responsible choices when it comes to used pallet racking.

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