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How to Increase Table Sales?

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If you are thinking to increase your restaurant sales then you should increase your table sales. Table sales are an important contributor to the overall profit of a restaurant business. They directly contribute to the revenue of a business. However, most restaurant owners start of by concentrating only on the food and ambience of their restaurant. They do not concentrate on table sales. This leads to a loss of revenue for the restaurant in the long run. Thus, you should always look for ways to increase table sales in your restaurant. This article discusses the ways in which one can increase their table sales.

Immediate Greeting of New Guests:

One major way you can ensure greater table sales is by ensuring that your servers are trained to immediately greet the new guests. When your servers immediately approach the guests, it ensures that they order faster. This makes the concept of ordering an immediate responsibility in the mind of the customer. Thus, valuable table minutes are saved, and more customers can be served in a stipulated amount of time. This naturally increases the table sales of a restaurant.

No Reservations on Busy Nights:

Busy nights for a restaurant are those times when there is a lot of rush for a table. This usually happens on a weekend or during some festival or holiday like Valentine’s Day, Christmas etc. During these times a restaurant must avoid taking reservations in their tables. Reservations block out a table for a longer period of time especially when the patrons are late. However, in tables where there is no reservation there happens a faster flow of customers on a busy night. This ensures that your restaurant has more table sales.

Use Seating Software:

When a host assigns customer to tables manually, it can lead to a lot of discrepancies. A very small group may be assigned to a large table. This makes the larger group wait without a table. In many cases this makes the larger group leave in search of some other restaurant. Thus, these days most restaurants use seating apps to ensure that the customers are seated in the best possible combination, thereby increasing the table sales.

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Attracting New Customers:

One sure-fire way of increasing the table sales of a restaurant is through attracting new customers. This can be done through multiple different ways. You can assign staff of your restaurant to distribute flyers of your restaurant in busier parts of the city like malls, school or college areas, bus and train stations etc. You can also invest in advertising techniques like posters or placards around the city. Special events in the restaurant also help attract new customers.

Gain More Regular Customers:

Regular and loyal customers not only increase the table sales of a restaurant but also help build the reputation and popularity of a restaurant. There are a lot of ways in which a restaurant can gain regular customers. The first clause of this is obviously the food quality and the overall ambience of the restaurant. You can also train your servers and staff to be more welcoming and also to remember repeat customers. This makes the customers happy which in turn makes sure that they return. Another way of gaining regular customers is through a loyalty program.

You can provide customers with a loyalty card. The customers can gain loyalty points through every purchase they make at your restaurant. After the attainment of a certain amount of loyalty points, they can avail freebies in your restaurant. This makes the customer become regular in want of freebies.

Thus, there are multiple ways in which a restaurant can increase their table sales. These tactics range from better staff and servers, new technology, better advertising, to new loyalty programs.

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