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Step By Step Guide On Forming A Company And Trademark Registration Requirements

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Incorporating a Company

Incorporating a Company and Trademark Registrations- A Basic Guide

Taking a plunge and starting your business requires a leap of faith. Success and failure are two sides of the same coin. However, all entrepreneurs must take every step possible to ensure that the results are favorable. Learning how to register a company is one of the primary requirements of getting into the thick of things. Information about the fundamental aspects of trademark registration online is also critical if you want to protect your intellectual property rights. Ideally, business owners should use the service of experienced corporate lawyers for company registration and trademark rights.


You should know that the incorporation of a Pvt. Ltd. Company is not possible without Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) and Director Identification Number (DIN) for all founders. So, obtaining these essential electronic documents will be the first step towards creating your company.

Articles of association

The pieces of association of a company play a crucial role in its formation. All startups must see to it that they get it drafted by an experienced corporate lawyer. At the same time, they must also give sufficient emphasis to the memorandum of association. These documents are vital to the seamless functioning of the business entity. They serve as the constitution for the company by providing all the terms and conditions under which all shareholders and directors come together.

What’s in a name?

Selecting an appropriate name for your business entity is vital in the overall scheme of things. It must be relevant and suitable for the services you provide or products your manufacture. At the same time, its availability must be ensured. The name that you prefer may not always be available. As a result, the RoC asks all applicants to provide a list of six names for their company in order of preference. Finally, the reservation that you get is the optimum combination of availability and your preferences.

When all things are done, the RoC will provide you with the certificate of incorporation for your company. Your company comes into existence as soon as you obtain this document. The entire process might seem complicated, but in practice, it has become relatively simple.

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Getting a permanent account number (PAN) is essential for income tax purposes. So, you must apply for it after you get the certificate of incorporation. Ideally, you must also apply for Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN) simultaneously. Handling these formalities will ensure that your business starts its operations in a perfectly legitimate fashion.

The Significance of Trademark Registration (H1)

With time, your business will start making a name for itself. The popularity of your products and services will bring reputation. In such a situation, unethical people might want to use your name and fame to profit illegally. It is quite common for other organizations to use your brand name on your products.

Hence, the importance of trademark registration has become extremely crucial in today’s times. It gives you rights over the use of your brand name. If other people try to use it to profit unethically, then you can use the trademark registration to stop them. They can also be charged with criminal offenses. So, you can ensure that your intellectual property rights are not infringed.

Logos aren’t a necessity

It is a common perception that trademark rights can only be obtained for symbols and designs. However, in reality, you can also get a trademark registered for words and names. So, you must opt for trademark registration if you are in danger of infringements.

Fees for trademark registration

When you apply for a trademark in your company’s name, you must find out about the relevant costs. Usually, these charges can be anywhere between Rs. 4500 to Rs. 9500. Along with them, you must fill form 48 to initiate the proceedings.

You must also know that trademarks can be registered not only in the name of a corporation but also in the name of individuals. So, you must take steps that serve your business interests. It will also be a smart idea to find out about all the documents that you need to file this application. The requirements for individual applicants are different from the documentation required for corporations. An IP attorney can guide you throughout the process.

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