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Supplement Packaging Gets a Modern Makeover

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Nutritional supplements and vitamins have a lot of great benefits for health, fitness and overall well-being. They are most effective when they are delivered fresh. To achieve this, supplement packaging has to be relatively high-quality compared to many other types of product packaging. Until recently, a lot of supplements have been limited to fairly generic medicinal-looking bottles and tubs.

A Plastic Solution

Improvements in plastic pouches have made it easier to package supplements in more modern and innovative ways. Not only does this offer superior storage characteristics, but also, through the use of digital pouch printing, afford opportunities for better branding and visibility. Imagine going to a supplement aisle and seeing packages that stand out rather than endless, generic-looking bottles.

Superior Protection

The potency of supplements depends on being freshness. To ensure this, packaging needs to meet certain characteristics. Plastic pouches offer the following benefits:

  • Dry interior
  • Significant light protection
  • Resistance against humidity
  • Airtight seals

These protective qualities make plastic pouches ideal for supplements. This packaging also creates opportunities for offering supplements that would not be possible with more traditional packaging options. Plastic pouches are also used for natural food packaging. They are appropriate for keeping more perishable supplement types fresh and potent for longer.

New Visuals

Anyone who has walked into a pharmacy supplement aisle knows how unexciting the visual element of supplements and multivitamins can be. Nearly all the packages look the same and they blend together into a wall of bland.

These modern, plastics-based packaging solutions provide a solution to this situation. They can hold more complex patterns with richer colors. Additionally, digital printing allows for greater customization of packages. They can be more flexibly-printed with features like QR codes.

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Unique Features of Pouches

Beyond being receptive to more interesting printing and keeping items fresh, plastic packaging has some other possible benefits. For example, stand-up pouches require less space for storage compared to rigid containers. Features like zippers and spouts can also make them more convenient for consumers while having a more premium appearance.

For liquids, pouches can conveniently hold large quantities. They can also work for small, sample sizes. In short, pouches tend to be more flexible in application and features than traditional, rigid packaging. Furthermore, they can hold liquids, powders, pills, jellies, jams and almost every imaginable form of product.

Future Possibilities

It will be interesting to see what supplement brands do with new packaging technologies. Perhaps the most exciting possibility in the near future is that a brand will jump on this more visually-unique packaging first and get an immediate differentiating factor.

Furthermore, the association with fresh, natural food, which may share similar packaging, may help to position certain supplements differently. Instead of appearing like medicine, they can appear more natural and wholesome. This is a significant factor in marketing supplements to today’s organic- and nature-conscious consumers.

Learn More

This modern makeover for supplement packaging is potentially quite significant. For anyone working in the field, it is certainly worth investigating. So, check out what you can do with plastic pouches and digital printing. The opportunities are limitless.

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