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Tips for Effective School Cleaning for A Healthy Environment

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Keeping a school clean and hygienic is very important as it involves so many kids and young children who are vulnerable to diseases. Along with a regular and proper school cleaning schedule, it is also important to use proper and approved cleaning solutions. Improper solutions will have harmful chemicals that can cause health issues such as headaches and irritation in the eye, nose and throat.

Choosing the Cleaning Products

Therefore, it is important to choose the right products for school cleaning considering the following points:

  • No cleaning product should contain volatile organic compounds known as VOCs as this can cause asthma, fatigue, upper respiratory issue, nasal congestion, dizziness and nausea.
  • Green cleaning products are the best to use, as it will protect the health of students, teachers and staff.
  • As per the new rules and regulations prescribed by different state governments, to enhance health and hygiene in village and city schools, special task forces are in constant duty to ensure proper cleaning solutions and keeping schools clean and dust-free all throughout the year.
School Cleaning
School Cleaning

Things to Do

In order to ensure a healthy environment there are a few things to do:

  • Schedule a routine school cleaning when it is not occupied.
  • Maintain current product inventory and retain copies of safety data sheets.
  • Follow the instructions on the cleaning product labels.
  • Ensure cleaning products are inaccessible to students.
  • Use products that have neutral pH levels, no carcinogens, no fragrance, biodegradable, energy and water efficient.
  • You can also talk to a professional company to spray insecticides inside the campus when the classes are not going on.

Use proper equipment and clean kitchens and cafeterias well and also store garbage properly to dispose of it every day.

Process to Follow

Follow the professional method for school cleaning to ensure best results.

  • Section of the building – Divide the entire school building by room types such as classrooms, bathrooms, main activity rooms, hallways, stairways and offices.
  • Follow one chore – If you are dusting complete the entire building so that nothing is missed out and you do not have to carry all cleaning supplies together.
  • Know the cleaners – You must know what type of cleaners to use in different locations. Ideally, all-purpose cleaners are one of the most commonly used cleaners. Use sanitizers and disinfectants with proper health code for higher risk areas.
  • Clean the kitchen – The kitchen and eating areas need special attention during school cleaning as these areas have a lot of food leftovers and spills.
  • Clean the Bathroom – Cleaning the bathroom is also essential. To maintain your bathroom on regular basis, you need to clean your bathroom with some organic cleaning solutions.
School Cleaning
School Cleaning

Benefits of Proper Cleaning

There is a lot of importance for proper school cleaning and it has many benefits as well. Schools are usually a wonderful breeding ground for the virus that causes influenza. Make sure that you follow proper methods in cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing. Know the difference between these:

  • Cleaning simply means removing germs and bacteria along with harmful microbes from the surface. Usually, soap and water are used for cleaning purpose.
  • Disinfecting means killing the germs with chemicals to keep the surfaces free from any harmful microbes.
  • Sanitizing, on the other hand, means lowering this number of germs, to maintain a safe level, this is according to the set health standards.

Proper Assessment Required

Assess the building, identify the areas most touched, and more time spent, and give extra attention to these areas during school cleaning.  Any visibly dirty area must be cleaned immediately.

The regular and superlative cleaning process will keep children healthy and in schools. You can hire a professional cleaning service for that matter or do it with your in-house staff.

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