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Can we Counter Greenhouse Effect and Climate Changes?

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The Earth has been sick for nearly a decade of which also have some effects on our lives. The earth has been serving humans for a very long time, but it is doing so the earth has got sick. So basically, what are the things that have really made the earth sad? Let’s see, the earth has been providing the resources from its core for a very long time. But in doing so the earth has gotten a little sick. The main things that have really affected the earth health are explained below.

The cities we build for our living have been built over the forest land where the animals used to live before us. The Deforestation of this types of land has surely decreased the rate of the production of the oxygen that was used to produce by the trees that have been cut down for the sake of the cities to build. But then the cities have contained themselves with the vehicles. The vehicles have been using for the transportation, traveling of the people and transportation of the goods. The vehicles that are used in the city or outside the city exhausts carbon-dioxide. The carbon dioxide is not good for the health of humans as well as the living things that live on the earth. The carbon-dioxide is not only made sick human, but animals also suffer from it.

There have been several extinctions of the animal species because of the improper living condition that had to live in. The deforestation has not only made the animals to suffer but also has made some of the species to extinction. The extinction of certain animals should make us realize that we have been making the very bad condition for the animals. The deforestation must be stopped by us. Big cities have a very large number of vehicles in them. These vehicles exhaust tons of carbon-dioxide while in use. The cities don’t have any plantation and very less tree which elevates the pollution level, because the carbon-dioxide is in tons which a few trees cannot inhale to produce the oxygen. The high level of pollution level has made the undesirable living condition of the human being and the animals that live in the zoo in the city.

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These exhaust gases have made the earth to raise the temperature. The rise of temperature has made the ice to melt on both poles. This has led to rising of the water level of the sea. Some of the islands have also sunken because of this. Bradley Fautuex form Canada has been working on this problem to make the planet safe again. Bradley Fautuex has been building the parks so that the carbon-dioxide can be inhaled and the oxygen can be produced for the people and the animals. Bradley Fautuex has been working for to improve the ecosystem so that the people have better living conditions. The parks have been built so that the people can walk, ride their bike and sit in peace with their families.


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