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Why Cancer treatment in India is affordable?

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Probably every person in the globe knows that developing countries are able to afford advance treatments for their population. In India, this has even went one step ahead as hospitals here are not just highlighted  for their treatment to the population here but also welcome tourists from abroad for health care.

All of these have contributed to making Indian treatment accessible to the west and other countries abroad. Going b the trend it doesn’t quite seem like surprising that these people often look up the internet for the top 10 neurosurgeons in india for any procedures.

There are instances of hundreds of people coming from abroad coming here for cancer treatments. This is where the work of Indian doctors gets highlighted and helps prove that our country is one of the best in this field.

Cost effective:

The cost of treating cancer abroad is ten times more compared to India. Sometimes just a consultation fee can go up to thousands of dollars that effectively makes it 500 times more. Indian hospitals with the positive experience of charging nominally start to build hope to cancer patients.

Support system:

The best of India is gained through its unmatched support system as the country is known for its hospitality as well. Its familiarity as the land of cultural diversity is a welcome carpet to those seeking treatment. Assurance of treatment along with a pleasant cultural experience is a part of the package. Along with these Indian government is also helpful with an extended stay during the recovery period.

Why India?

The reason that people believe in India for treatment is that they have a multiple set options through speciality hospitals and surgeons. It’s known that top 10 neurosurgeons in india have the best of credibility to help those suffering from cancer or any other ailment. Patients tend to travel to India also because they know that the treatment here is affordable.
Considering the fact that the health care facilities are extremely expensive to treat cancer abroad, patients flowing from abroad are increasing every year.

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Doctor-to-patient ratio

In the case of other countries, the doctor-to-patient ratio is extremely poor. The inflow of patients is more in comparison to the number of the doctor. Especially with respect to the cancer patients the oncologists available are very less. And that is probably because studying oncology takes a long time as MBBS students take up other specialisations. It’s the same case anywhere abroad in some places there are more number of doctors and fewer patients. This is a balanced ratio that makes treatment affordable. The case in developed countries is unlike this situation and may be because of that there is a long queue or waiting list appointments.  This is when people thing of affordable treatment to go abroad.


To seek treatment is one thing but the number of days taken for any recovery is another. Any treatment is also inclusive of recovery cost and experts agree that the doctor-to-patient ratio may prolong the stay.  This can prove expensive to those who have been diagnosed with multiple myeloma.

Medical bills along with the stay are lighter to those visiting India and the difference can be seen in the very beginning of the surgery.


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