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3 Fun Adult Activities for Outdoor Events

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Can’t hire the best catering services in Manila but still want to throw a banging party? Worry not because we’ve got your back! Well, at least for the activities part of the party. If you’re worried about food, utensil placements, and themes, then this might not be the article for. Then again, you wouldn’t have clicked if you were looking for those, so it’s safe to assume that you need adult-appropriate activities for an outdoor event that you’re about to throw.

We’re going to be honest and tell you straight up that when we say activities we actually mean games. What we’ll be listing here are games that you can enjoy with your friends during a party. And don’t say that adults are too old for games because that’s a flat-out lie. Games are for all ages and are guaranteed to take you back to your childhood or release the child in you – or both.

So without further ado, here are some fun adult activities that you can do with your friends during an outdoor event!

Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt is a great activity that will keep your guests involved and excited. The secret to a successful and fun treasure hunt is long and meticulous planning. Everything has to be in their respective places before the hunt even begins. Clues should be smart and subtle but still clear enough that participants won’t have to rack their brain too hard to get to the next one. Of course, the treasure at the end should also be worth all the trouble and give them a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

You can also add your own twist to it by allocating points or danger signs and having eliminations – anything to spice it up if you think it’s too bland.

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Races are a common activity in outdoor events because they never get old or boring. You can have a sack race, tied-hands race, three-legged race, or a relay. You can also put your own silly twist to it to make it a little more personal and a lot more fun.

Races, unlike treasure hunts, don’t require several items. All you need is a starting line, a finish line, and obstacles or restrictions to make it different from Olympic track. This means you won’t have to set aside a large sum just to make it fun and there’s also less planning involved.

Food Games

If you have a lot of leftover budget that you don’t mind spending on activities, then consider food games. You can have cooking games where participants create dishes with given ingredients – this, of course, will require a lot of food and equipment and may be too expensive. For a more budget-friendly food game, you can have eating competitions. But it is important to take the health of your guests into consideration as you plan this.

There are also egg drop games, tomato fights, and other varieties that your guests are sure to enjoy.

Key Takeaway

If you want to bring life to your parties but can’t really enlist the assistance of the best catering services in Manila, then your best bet is to host fun activities that your guests can enjoy.

The ones listed above aren’t just for adults either; they can also be enjoyed by kids and even the elderly. You just have to tweak the rules a bit to cater to a certain age demographic. If you can succeed at that, then your party is guaranteed to be a memorable event for you and everyone invited!

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