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Activities you can do while visiting Split

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So you’ve just landed in Split and are wondering where to begin your tour of this beautiful coastal town. Well, Split is imbued with a great many gifts and today we shall uncover some of them as we help solve that conundrum. Here are a few examples of the activities you can participate in while visiting Split:

1) Kick up your feet on Bačvice beach
You simply cannot be in Split and not visit the endearing beach that has become a popular landmark of the town. Bačvice beach is just a stone’s through away from the central bus terminal and once there, you can bask in glories of a warm sun, the comforting waves of the sea and, of course, engage in the popular pastime time game of picigin. The Adriatic sunset is one incomparable experience which you should also stick around for.

2) Take in the beauty of the legendary sculptor Meštrović
Kaštelet and the Mestrovic gallery, which were once the home and workplace of the greatest sculptor in Croatian history, are now splendid attractions that must feature in your to-do list. Kaštelet is home to a mesmerizing 28-piece art of wooden reliefs that were made in the image of Christ. Some of his other charming creations such as the Grgur Ninski depiction can be found around Diocletian Palace.

3) The Split market is a good place to visit
The split market is situated against the backdrop of the endearing Roman palace just beside the elegance of the Silver Gate entrance. It is a 24-hour institution that sells some of the best fresh foods in town from fish to vegetables among various other commodities. You can get all you need here for your picnic or a sizzling homemade dinner.

4) Marvel at the new gastronomy
The gastronomy scenery in the town keeps getting better with each passing year as top-notch restaurants are cropping up almost by the day. Dining in Split is a memorable experience as there are many beautifully laid out establishments that can hold a candle to some of the biggest names in the world both in aesthetics and food-wise.

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5) Go boating in the dazzling waters of the Adriatic
There’s no better way to enjoy the breathtaking view of the indescribably gorgeous lagoons, islands and caves around the coast of the town than from atop a boat. You could opt for a tour-guided trip or, if you are more adventurous or prefer the privacy of your own vessel, you can rent a boat from one of the numerous boat-renting companies in Split.

6) Get on to the Game of Thrones set
The popularity of the series has skyrocketed in recent times and so has the popularity of the place that provides the most ideal landscape for shooting the franchise. Diocletian’s palace basement and Dioklecijanova have made suitable settings for the depiction of Daenerys’s throne rule and the streets of Meereen respectively. You can take in the actual place where a series favorite was created first-hand.

7) Watch a Hajduk game
The local football team Hajduk Split 1911 has also risen to prominence on the global scale not only due to tourism but also because of their domestic success and European exploits in premier competitions. You can experience the adrenaline and passion of a live game over the beautiful gaze of the Adriatic and also learn more about the team through a stadium tour.

And the list goes on and on; the possibilities are simply endless as there is much too see. Split is a charming town that has a lot to offer and it’s almost impossible to outline every single attraction about this jewel in the sun. Explore as much as you can in the time that you have!

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