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How to Celebrate Combined Siblings Birthday Parties Ideas

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A family is a happy family when it has children. Having sibling is a very happy feeling. Playing around the house, arguing with each other- the home becomes a joyful place. When you and your brothers/sisters have birthdays on the same month, it has to be a grand celebration. Here are ideas about how to celebrate combined siblings birthday parties.

1) Host Separate Parties

A joint celebration is real fun and has many advantages. But, they are children, they won’t understand. It is important to give them equal attention. So, it is better to host two separate birthday parties for them. No matter how close the dates are, they deserve the equal attention and love to them. Besides, gifts also matter to them as long as they are in their adolescence. As parents, you should not leave ant stone unturned to stop the competition between them.

2) Weigh Your Finances

Whenever you are planning for any party, the very first thing to keep one eyes on is budget. If you are tight on budget or you can’t afford two separate parties, do not go for it. As parents, you love all your kids equally. Hosting separating parties for them or conjoint parties won’t change your love for them. Yes, they will be a little immature to understand that and they might argue. But still, it is better to have one than having none. If your budget permits, you must go for candy bouquet delivery for everyone in the party.

3) Your Guests

Your guests are always busy. It is difficult for them to make time for parties. Still they can make for one for sure. But having two celebrations on a row in a week apart, they won’t find it convenient to attend the both. Besides, the kid who has the birthday on the next week might feel low. Not attending both the parties and attending any one can look preferential. It is a reason, children will never understand. Being responsible parents, it is your duty to consider all the consequences.

4) Consider Ages

Ages make people mature. But in this case, we can see an opposite trend. Younger children are very happy and understanding of a combined birthday party. But once the children enter into their teenage, they are no more co-operating. They want their separate birthday parties with their own friends circle. While you are planning to host a conjoint birthday party for both the siblings, the cake needs to be special. In that case, you can customize cake and order birthday cake online.

5) Their Opinion

if you are fluid on budget, the next thing to focus on is their opinion. If they are old enough to co-operate you or object your idea, they are old enough to have their own opinions. Sometimes, it is not your idea to have a combined party, but theirs. In that case, let them have all the arrangements as they like. You understand, they are more mature in handling combined siblings’ birthday parties. If your ideas can make the party good, their ideas will make it great.

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6) Make it Special

It is best not to make celebration of two close birthdays on one day. It is our opinion to choose a day closer to both the birthdays but not any one of the special day itself. That will be equal special for both the kids. Party and celebration will be fun for both of them. But as parents, you should make it special on both their birthdays. Give them separately a wake-up-call cup cake on their individual birthdays. On their mutual birthdays, make them feel the queen of the family. Though it won’t be their actual birthdays, it will make them feel special.

7) Date is Flexible

Since the actual birthday is not preferable as the celebration day, there is a huge advantage. You are not planning to have a birthday party on any of the birthdays. There will be a fixed date on which there will be a mutual celebration. And that date can be flexible. You will get chance to consult with your guests and select a suitable date. A party is a celebration where you expect everyone to come and have fun. To keep that in mind, you party date might be a month later than the actual birth dates. That will hardly matter.

8) Party’s Theme

It is really a deal to select a suitable theme for a combined birthday parties. But there are some unique themes. For the brother-sister combined birthday party, the legendary Mickey- Minnie theme is perfect. If you are hosting the party for three of your angels together, the Minion theme will be great. Or, if it is two sisters, Frozen can be the best theme. For two brothers, Thor will make it best theme of the party. You should be thankful to Disney for giving such range of sibling themes.

9) Group Gifts

A group gift is an advantage of the combined birthday parties. When the party is a mutual celebration, you can also go for a group gift. It will address neither of the individual one. It is best to send gifts online. Online gift stores have various options for group gifts.

10) “Happy Birthday” Song Plays on Repeat

When you are thinking about party, two things are must. One is the cake and the other is the impeccable songs. There are Happy Birthday theme songs that can be on the loop. But, you can go for the birthday people’s choices as well.

Above are the best combined birthday party ideas for siblings.


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